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Zahorski & Miart part ways

11JW-FD-1030-ZM-LC 450Earlier this Fall, the partnership of the French ice dancing duo, Tiffany Zahorski & Alexis Miart, abruptly came to an end.  The timing was unfortunate.

"The split with my old partner was extremely sudden and came as a shock to me and my trainers," Zahorski said.  "I was really looking forward to the season to make a big impact as last Europeans hadn't quite gone as planned after Alexis' injury."

Zahorski & Miart finished fourth at the 2011 World Junior Championships and seemed poised to breakthrough at the senior level when Miart fractured a bone in his ankle.  

After missing the fall season, the team returned to the ice in early January 2012, winning the International Trophy of Lyon, their first senior level event.  A disappointing performance in the preliminary round left them unable to qualify for the short dance at the 2012 European Championships. 

The timing of the split has meant Zahorski has likely lost this season.  She is currently searching for a partner and can represent either France or Great Britain.  Despite the abrupt split, she remains steadfast in her resolve to reach her goals. 

"My dream has not changed despite my lack of luck," Zahorski said.  "I want to find a partner who is 100% motivated and willing to fight for his career.  I still want to compete at Europeans worlds and the Olympics and make it to the top."

Zahorski has a bio available on the icepartnersearch.com website. 

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