Cha Cha Congelado

Music – Cha 4/4
Tempo – 29 measures of 4 beats per minute
Pattern – optional
Duration – The time required to skate 2 sequences is 1:07 min.

Patterns, Step Charts & Additional Information

This dance is designed to introduce dancers to a Latin American rhythm at an early stage of development and help them to appreciate rhythm not only with their feet, but also with their bodies. The steps are structured in places so as to portray a feeling of “1,2 cha-cha-cha”.

Individual interpretation by couples to add Cha Cha character is permitted provided that integrity of steps, free leg positions and dance positions are maintained.

Retrogressions on pattern transitions are permitted.

Inventors – Bernard Ford, Kelly Johnson, Laurie Palmer and Steven Belanger
First Performance – Richmond Hill, Ontario, 1989