Madison Chock & Greg Zuerlein – “Dark Eyes”
I really enjoyed this team in Lake Placid, so I was thrilled to see them again. In just two weeks, I could already see improvements in their strong, smooth delivery of this program. I’m honestly not crazy about the neon costumes, but they photograph well and they’re eye-catching, so I guess they get the job done. This performance was highlighted by a good rotational lift and a lot of expression, even in the difficult straightline footwork, which earned them a level three. I thought this dance was polished, definitely deserving of first place, and it I think they will do well with it on the Junior Grand Prix.

Natalie Feigin & Jason Cusmariu – Scottish folk
I also saw this dance two weeks ago in Lake Placid, and I felt like they gave a more confident performance here. The choreography is simple, and perhaps this was emphasized since they followed Chock & Zuerlein, but I think the choreography and style suits them. I didn’t feel like they were trying to do more than they should have, which is so common at the junior level. It is obvious that they feel comfortable with this dance. I think their best element was the spin, which opened the program, and which was awarded a level four.

Helen Ramful & Justin Mohr – First Nations folk
This program appeared very new, and they made multiple mistakes in it. However, I thought the choreography was well done, integrating what appeared to be authentic tribal dance steps, at least to my untrained eye. The choreography made good use of a variety of levels – by this, I mean that they used both upright and low positions throughout the program. I think that they showed good interpretation of the music that they chose, but I would like to see even more commitment to the choreography and portrayal of the character from them.