Photo Use Policy


The (IDC) website was started in June 1999 and is currently, IDC is administered by Daphne Backman and Melanie Heaney.

Team IDC consists of journalists, photographers, and technical wizards who have graciously volunteered their services to help us provide ice dance coverage.


IDC has been providing event coverage, including reports and photographs, since 2003.

Photographs are presented in editorial galleries, as well as appearing as highlights in IDC feature articles and event reports.

All IDC photos contain the watermark that includes the photographer’s name.  Do NOT remove the watermark from photos. This includes cropping, photo shopping, etc.

Photographs on, including those in the gallery, are copyrighted to the respective photographers and may not be used in any way without the expressed written consent of the photographer and  If permission is granted, the IDC logo watermark with the photographer’s name must NOT be removed.

This includes, but is not limited to use on any other websites, including professional or personal blogs/Tumblrs, in magazines and newspapers (both online and paper format) and/or promotional materials for shows or events. does not sell action photos to skaters & families when an official event photographer is present. To purchase photos from most competitions, please contact the official photographer.


If you would like to use a photo that appears on IDC on another website, in a magazine or newspaper (both online and paper format), or in promotional materials, please contact IDC at [email protected].

Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with preference given to skaters who wish to feature IDC-copyrighted photos on their official websites.

IDC and its photographers retain the right to deny the use, reproduction, and dissemination of its copyrighted photographs.


Event photos can be posted only on the athlete’s personal/official social media page with the watermark in-tact. IDC must be also be tagged.