by Michelle Wojdyla

It is hard to know what to write for an intermediate compulsory dance competition that only had two teams, both of whom will be moving on to the U.S. Junior Championships (“Junior Nationals”) no matter what they score here in Wake Forest.

Jennifer Stuart & David Lenz won both the Fourteen Step and the American Waltz over Rose & James Dolan, 35.30 to 26.98.

Even with only two teams, the skating order was changed for the second dance. Given that the ice was still pretty perfect, a break was called, but no Zamboni needed. The Dolans ran into the locker room and change clothes. The announcer asked if they were ready (and they were) so the competition continued.

I thought it was amusing, because it was so casual and indicative of the wonderful Southern hospitality everyone enjoyed throughout the event. It also made me nostalgic for the combined CD/OD practice at the 2001 World Championship when Barbara Fusar-Poli ripped off her CD dress to reveal the OD one beneath it.