Free Dance

Shannon Wingle & Tim McKernan (64.51)

First year senior team, previously competed together at the junior level. She is in a gray/white dress, he is in all black. Both are very expressive and have great extensions through their legs and arms. First element is a balance lift, with him in a low position skating backwards. Wingle is balanced across his thigh in an extended position. First set of catch foot twizzles got a bit out of synch. Lots of variations in holds during the circular step sequence. Spread eagle lift, with Wingle arched back. Combination spin maintained its speed throughout. Combo lift lost some points when McKernan put his foot down. Skating very close in the mid-line step sequence, but it lost some speed and had a few bumps. Transition lift at the end was rotational, with Wingle’s hands around McKernan’s neck. Nice flow and a very soft program. Seemed a bit tentative, but it’s early in the season. 

Katie Wyble & Justin Morrow (64.65)

Another first year senior team, skating previously at the junior level. She is in purple with a touch of green; he is in a purple shirt and black pants. First element in the program was twizzles. Nice speed and unison with the first set of catch foot. Second set was had a number of arm variations, but was out of synch. Forward straightline lift with him in a very low crouched position and Wyble lying back in a balance position. Combo spin maintained fast speed but travelled a little bit. Rotational lift included Wyble hanging onto Morrow’s arm. Smooth mid-line step sequence. Combo lift included Morrow in a low crouched position skating backwards and Wyble in a split position. Very large pattern in the circular step sequence. Transitional lift was done on one foot. Not sure what has changed for this team, but they looked much stronger and more secure than in the past. 

Mylène Girard & Jonathan Pelletier (68.15)

Coached by Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon. She is in a red dress, he is in a white shirt, black pants , open black jacket and red scarf. Skating to music from “Across the Universe.” First element is the combo spin right at the center of the ice. Combo lift with him starting in a spread eagle and Girard standing on his thigh. Girard had a slight fall out on the first set of twizzles and the second catch foot were a little out of unison. Diagonal footwork had some nice elements and seemed to use up a lot of the ice. Rotational lift with Girard starting out behind Pelletier’s back, then moving to the front. Circular sequence was fine, but they just didn’t quite match up their movements or leg lines. One-armed rotational lift, with him changing direction. Transition lift in the end was rotational. Overall a little bumpy, but nice interpretation of the music. 

Jane Summersett & Todd Gilles (76.89)

Tough to describe her outfit, but very rocker looking in all black with faux fishnets and black boots. He is in all black. Skating to “Whole Lotta Love”. First element is the twizzle sequence, starting with a catch foot position. Very well done. Missed the details of the combo lift because they just get into position so quickly. Spread eagle lift with Summersett flipped up onto Gilles shoulder, then down into a layback while he is in a low crouch. Spread eagle curve lift, with Summersett fully extended. Diagonal footwork lost a little bit of speed, but had a lot going on. Combo spin was nicely centered and maintained speed. One-armed rotational lift. Circular sequence at the end of the program got a little bumpy. I always smile when they skate, because it just looks like they are having so much fun out there. This program has zero down time — they are always doing something. 

Allie Hann-McCurdy & Michael Coreno (74.68)

She is in yellow dress and he is in a light blue shirt with grayish pants. Spread eagle, change of position lift looked very strong with her rotating from the front to around his back. Straightline step sequence moved quickly down the ice. Great unison and the distance between them stayed perfect in the first twizzle sequence. Fun entry into the combo spin. Coreno jumps over McCurdy’s leg while she is in a camel spin. Lost the position a little bit, but good spin overall. Combo lift had McCurdy rotating behind Coreno’s back while he skated backwards on one foot. Was a little shaky. Circular footwork included some very deep edges and nice extension of the free leg from both of them. Entry into the rotational spin was McCurdy being flipped up onto Coreno’s shoulder, then almost like a head banger that you’d see in pairs. I’m guessing they have had some pairs experience as the final transition element looked very similar to a death spiral into a one-armed rotational lift. Fun and creative program. 

Lauren Corry & Alex Lorello (57.94)

She is in a blue and aqua dress, he is in a white shirt, blue pants and blue vest. Great unison on the twizzles, with both position and distance from each other. Straightline lift with Lorello in a very low crouched position and Corry balanced leaning back. Maintained good expression and feel while in the lift. Diagonal step work had a lot of elements throughout as they travelled down the ice. Changes of position on the combo spin, but really lost a lot of speed. Strong one-armed rotational lift, with Corry holding her blade. Really fast, jazzy music and they did seem to start getting winded during the circular step sequence. Nice lift with Lorello in a spread eagle holding Corry’s blade while she is in a layback position. Very entertaining program, with lots of expression. Just needs to finish as strongly as it starts. 

Trina Pratt &Chris Obzansky (73.25)

Rocker outfit, with her in a black slinky dress and him in black shirt with black jeans. First element is the twizzles and it looked like he actually did one more full revolution than her. Lots of speed in the first set, though. Curved lift with him in a spread eagle and Pratt fully extended out parallel to the ice, with her hands on his legs. Straightline combo lift with him in a spread eagle and she is rotating from a high position into a low crouched position. Fast circular step sequence, but they drifted apart a few times. Spread eagle move into the combo spin — very cool. Midline step sequence had some nice elements going down the ice. Strong one-armed rotational lift with her up on his shoulder. Prior to them skating, Chris went to the announcer’s booth and it looked like maybe he was asking him to adjust the volume on their music. In my opinion, it was unfortunately too loud and some of the lyrics were a bit screechy. It was a wild program, but the music was a little tough on the ears at some points. 

Stephanie Snider & Artur Goncharov (51.62)

Representing Denmark, per the announcer. She is in a periwinkle blue dress, he is in a matching shirt with black pants. Straightline lift with him in a spread eagle position and her in a split, grabbing her blade. First set of catchfoot twizzles were a little out of unison, and she stepped out in the second set. Nice curve lift, with him going backwards on one leg, while she is in a split position. The transition into the combo part of the lift was slow. Diagonal footwork was fine. Circular step sequence maintained its speed, but was not crisp. Combo spin had some very pretty positions. One-armed rotational lift with Snider holding her blade. Finished the program with the optional spin. A bit unsteady and rough in the linking elements. 

Tarrah Harvey & Keith Gagnon (71.88)

Representing Canada as a senior team this year. She is in a gold, silver, and black fringed dress; he is in a black tux. Charlie Chaplin program. Twizzles very well done. Stayed in unison with both the hand movements and the catchfoot in the second set. Circular step sequence had really nice flow. Combo rotational lift looked simple and effortless. Straightline lift with him in a spread eagle into a rotational lift, with her in a split position. Curve lift with him in a spread eagle and Harvey leaning back away from him. Combo spin was clean, but could be faster. Diagonal footwork had some fun choreography. A little bumpy at times, but fun to watch and a good debut, I thought. 

Kim Navarro & Brent Bommentre (81.42)

Whee. She is in an all white dress, he is in all black. Skating to “One Love.” First set of twizzles was catchfoot, second set was arms clasped behind their back. Well done. Smooth straightline lift with Bommentre going forward on one skate. Navarro is flipped over with one leg over his shoulder. Looked like serpentine footwork, they just flow across the ice. Combo spin had 3 changes of positions. Curve lift with him in a spread eagle and her in a split across his legs into a rotational lift with two positions. One-armed rotational lift. Diagonal footwork, still looking fast and smooth. Two optional transition elements at the end of the program. No points for them specifically, but maybe they could look a little stronger.

Lynn Kriengkrairut & Logan Giulietti-Schmitt (74.96)

She is in a yellow dress and he is in a blue shirt with tan pants. Very soft, beautiful choreography setting the mood of the program right away. Curve lift, he is in a spread eagle, holding her leg while she is lifted up. Transitions into a rotational lift, she is upside down with one hand on his leg (interesting position). Curve lift with him in a spread eagle, holding her upside down with one arm, she is holding his boot with one hand. Circular step sequence, maybe just a few moments where they drift apart to begin. Nice elements in the mid-line step sequence. Straightline lift, with him down on the ice on one knee, balancing her on his shoulder. Twizzle sets were a bit rocky. She had a tiny little hitch on both. Combo spin with 3 changes of position, going in one direction. Rotational lift, bringing her up across his body. Some really eye-pleasing positions in many of their elements. 

Rebecca Fowler & Iliya Koreshev (55.48)

She is in a purple dress with short gloves, he is in a black pinstripe suit. Very jazzy music. Extended legs on the twizzles, a little out of unison on the second set. Straightline lift, he is on one foot, holding her with one arm, she is in a catch foot position facing him. One-arm rotational lift. Looked like he kept picking up his foot then putting it back down. Diagonal footwork sequence in character to the music. Combo spin with 3 different positions. Small pattern on the circular footwork and skated a little far apart. Curve lift with him in a spread eagle and she in a split across his legs into a rotational lift. Transition lift was rotational into a straightline where he lifts her from between his legs up to his shoulders. Definitely started to lose steam towards the end of the program. 

Stephanie Zastrow & Michael Lueck (53.41)

Skated at the novice level last season. She is in a blue Egyptian-style dress, he is in a white jacket-style shirt and black pants. Skating to “Harem.” Combo spin with some interesting positions to start. Straightline lift, he flips her up, then goes into a low crouch, with her extended out in a balance position. Curve lift with him going backwards on one foot and she is holding her blade behind his back. Nice speed in the circular step sequence, but a few little slips. Diagonal foot work had some nice elements in keeping with the music. Catch foot twizzles, but I don’t think he was ever able to grab his blade on the first set. They both had a little hitch on the second set. Curve lift with him in a spread eagle and she is leaning back with one foot on his. Transition to a rotational lift, with her upside down into a sitting position. Fall at the very end of the program, not in an element. Tough move from novice to senior. I’m sure they’ll continue to work hard and develop their skills.