Wow, that was a long day of competition!!! It started me up from 4:30am to do hair and make-up to be ready for practice in the morning.  The long bus rides of 40-50 mins to and from the rink are a bit of a pain, but at least we can sleep on the commute 😉

The Pairs Short Program competition started off the day, and then after it was the Free Dance Event!  And WOW!  The crowd was unbelievable!  The Stadium was pretty much full!  I met some fans afterwards, who apologized to me because they couldn’t come see us skate our free dance because all the tickets were sold out!!!!  It was an amazing event.  Chris and I really enjoyed skating our new program and felt such a relief after last years ill-fated NHK accident.  How great it is to be injury-free!

We skated pretty well, but much improvements need to be made, so we are so eager to return back home and work.  I always feel like that after a competition!  I just want to go back home and train again!

The following events were the Mens and Ladies free skates and boy were they intense!  The Mens especially, so many great skates that night!!!

Today is the Pairs Free Event and then the Exhibition Gala, which Chris and I will take part in.  Good Luck to all the Pairs and everyone please enjoy the Gala!!!!