Today was a pretty smooth day with the usual.  I got up, went down for breakfast and then back to my room with Lindsey (Weinstein).  We took it easy. I have a practice at 2:50 and she’s competing her short program at 4.

Our coach Igor arrived from Champ Camp late last night, he came to join us in the bus. We are on the practice rink again and today is short dance run through. Considering that we need to adjust our program to fit this small rink, it was quite a good run!

After the practice I went to watch the pairs short program and cheer for Lindsey Weinstein and Jacob Simon

Back to the hotel, Angelique and I decide to go eat in the old town.  We needed some good food.  Actually, Angelique was having Mac Do craving, but we went to a very good restaurant called Lido and had nice salmon plates. Our drive back to the hotel in taxi was quite funny. A nice old letton man started talking about Latvia, places to see, to visit; he was very passionate. I didn’t know but according to him, population of Riga is 800,000 and Latvia total population is 2million! As we were approaching the bridge, he showed us the Latvian National Library. It’s big and modern and was finished being built last year. Then, I could tell, even if my Russian is limited, that he was getting really upset about something.  He was talking loud and driving a bit adventurously.  Luckily, the hotel is just across the bridge!



And that was it for today.  I’m getting up at 5 tomorrow early practice and then finally the short dance competition.

Good night from Riga!

See you tomorrow!