Hi!  It’s been such a busy day!!!

The day began naturally at 6:30 am. I was frustrated, although not surprised, that my eagerness to start the day wouldn’t allow me to doze back off. A while later, my good friend Nathan (Chen) and I went down for breakfast. The cafeteria was incredible as well was the food. I never thought breakfast could be so inspiring, with Olympic athletes walking around and eating together as friends and teammates. Although overwhelmed by my small size relative to the extremely built athletes here, I’m having a great time.

Later on, Logan and I went to explore a little bit more and we came across the recreation center. We played a bit of pingpong and enjoyed reading the thousands of names scribbled on every surface.

Next we got all ready to go to the rink for our first practice and left! We had a good first practice and then drew well in the draw! We will be skating third in the second group.

After that busy morning we took a nice break at the beautiful Broadmoor. The whole atmosphere is perfect and the food and architecture is divine. We headed back to the rink for our first practice in the main rink. It was a good practice and the ice in the World Arena felt very nice. Although we have competed here before and skated here countless times this time it feels so different!

We went straight back to the OTC after practice and Nathan and I met up with some friends and teammates in the dining hall. After grabbing our delicious meals we came across Jason Brown who sat and we all talked for a while.

To end off a great day I relaxed with Logan and Nathan. Now here I am in my ridiculously comfy bed as my roommate Vivian Le sleeps. I will go to sleep now too, but I’ll have more to report tomorrow. (And I’ll try to send in earlier!!)


JGPUSA-Chloe-1 JGPUSA-Chloe-2


P.S. Shoutout to teammate Paige for the amazing team USA cookie!!