Hi, it’s me, Chloe!

I woke up this morning and started getting ready for the free dance day. I realized when I got to my hair that I can’t curl my own hair so my roommate Lindsay played a movie on her computer for us both to watch while she curled my hair.. Best roomie ever!

I finished getting ready and went for practice. We had a good practice, then we came back to rest before competing. The next few hours flew by whilst I was just resting in my room but when I needed to get ready again Lindsay was back at it again with the curling! 😉 Just so you know, it was a really great curling job because it’s STILL in good form at 10:33 pm.

We went to the arena to warm up and compete; we were ready to give it everything. We got on to do our performance and we really did give it everything. The result was not what we had come here to do, but we will continue to train harder and harder to compete better. The program wasn’t perfect, but it was much better than the short. We gave every step as much energy as possible all the way until the end, but with a mistake on the twizzles it wasn’t good enough to pull up at all.

Sunset in OstravaLorraine and Quinn did incredibly and finished 1st, with amazing scores! Not only that, but it was well deserved- they truly had an inspiring skate. We finished 6th and we are very motivated to continue improving, and we will leave this experience with a fire in our bellies for the next competition.

After competing, we went back to the hotel, had dinner, and went back to watch the pairs. Everyone was great, and Chelsea and Brian ended up in third. So far, two medals for Team USA!  After watching pairs, I headed back to the hotel with Logan and Alex Krasnozhon. We watched part of the Fluffy Movie before Alex had to go to sleep so he can do incredibly tomorrow. I’m so unexplainably proud to represent USFS and Team USA, on our best days and worst. Not only that, but we feel so grateful to have the opportunity to learn and improve as Team USA athletes, and for the huge support system that comes with that.

Tomorrow I will get to explore Ostrava much more and I can’t wait to report back on the city! We are also all excited to cheer on the men and lady. Go team USA! 

Goodnight from Ostrava.

~ Chloe