Hello again,

I woke up yesterday and didn’t know where I was. I had a dream that I was in Portland talking to my friend Mia about her record collection, so when I woke up I was kind of confused before I saw my roomie and remembered. I did a video blog yesterday for a Norwegian network, and borrowed a Samsung phone for it. It was really fun to kind of document our competition day. We got ready and had practice, and then went back to the hotel for a bit to rest before competing the free. The competition went incredibly and we had the best skate of our career. Being out there was purely fun. I remember during the diagonal step sequence thinking how fast it went by! In the ending pose I couldn’t help but smile, knowing that at this competition we put out two of our best programs ever. We got our scores and were in second with one more team to go! At that point we were ecstatic knowing that we had just won a youth Olympic medal!

We had interviews and the whole time I was thinking that we got third, but still soooo happy with that! After the interviews, everyone was telling us that we won the silver medal and I was shocked – such an amazing feeling! I had to do the doping test, which was easy, and then I finally got to see my family and friends and reply to everyone who was supporting me from across the world. We watched our teammate Vanna skate and then had awards. It was such a fulfilling feeling to stand on the podium and see the Olympic Rings on the medals around our necks. I smiled so much yesterday that my face was sore by 5pm!

Logan and I met a volunteer just before the awards named Jerrand, and we’re excited to hang out with him later today and maybe tomorrow he will give us a tour of Oslo. It’s so amazing to get this chance to make friends from Norway.

After awards, we went home and quickly changed before having a celebratory dinner with my parents, grandfather and his friend, Greg, and Logan. The food was unbelievably good at the restaurant “@victoriahaven”. After that we came back to the hotel and played some video games with French skaters. It was hard, but I really enjoyed it. I’m hoping to get better and come back next time to shock Mathieu and beat him on Fifa!

After that, I fell fast asleep before getting a chance to blog! I hope you enjoyed my blog even slightly as much as I enjoyed that day. We are so proud to bring home a youth Olympic silver medal for the United States. Go Team USA!

~ Chloe

P.S. One of our interviews is now published as an article on Team USA website.