Hi everybody,

Yesterday was a pretty easy day for us…’cause we had no competition. We had two times practice. The practice in the morning was the first practice in the practice rink which is also nice, the ice is good and some people came to watch. We were practicing short dance and we rather enjoyed it.

We had lunch with our coach Barbara Fusar Poli, our Italian team mates Marco & Charlene, our German teammates Nelli & Alex, and some other skaters having lunch in the hotel. The food here is unfortunately not the best, but it’s fine anyway. After lunch we walked a bit in the city and got a little impression of Sheffield. It’s a really nice city and I think we were just not lucky with the weather because it was raining a bit. In the second practice, we did again short dance in the main rink.

Also this practice was going really well and we tried again the lift of the free dance which was going wrong the other day in the qualification. Of course it was perfectly working. 🙂 In the evening we just relaxed and ate again in the hotel restaurant.

So wish us all good luck for tomorrow, the short dance and greetings to everybody.

Tanja & Stefano