IDC is highlighting some of the new partnerships that are debuting in the 2017-18 competitive season.  Sasha Fear & George Waddell are the third team in our series.  

IDC: Can you share with us your individual skating journeys?

Fear:  I started skating when I was 2 yrs old because my older sisters skated and I came along. I did free skate and dance and loved them both. Over time and once I got a partner, I gravitated toward dance full time. I did train in the summers at the Cricket Club in Toronto and knew George from my time there as well as from training in Montreal. 

Waddell:  I grew up in Toronto and did both free skate and dance at the Cricket Club and also played ice hockey. About three years ago, I became more focused on dance. I knew Sasha from my time in Toronto and also once I moved to Montreal when we both had different partners. 

IDC: How did your partnership get started?

Fear:  Our partnership started in late spring after our previous partnerships ended. I have had a big growth spurt in the past year and I was excited to skate with George because he is six feet tall. Our coaches in London and Montreal saw the long-term potential for us as a team. 

Waddell:  This year I had made the decision to skate for Great Britain. I have always had a British passport as my dad is from Scotland, but up until this year had skated for Canada. With Sasha also looking for a partner and also having a British passport, it was a great opportunity for both of us. 

IDC:  What do you like most about skating with each other?

Fear:  I like skating with George because we work well together and think alike when it comes to approaching our training. I also love the fact that he is strong and we are having fun with some new and challenging lifts. 

Waddell:  I am excited to skate with Sasha and for Great Britain. Sasha and I work well together and she has a lot of experience internationally despite her relatively young age. I am enjoying my time in London and reconnecting with my family all over the UK. 

IDC:  If you could have a lesson from any ice dancer past/present, who would it be?

Fear & Waddell: If we could have a lesson with any team past or present it would be with Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. They are so inspiring and are true British icons. 

IDC:  Can you give us some background on your programs this season?

Fear & Waddell:  Our short dance this season is cha cha, rhumba, samba. It has a lot of musical variety and we are working to interpret the Latin style.

Our free dance is a Coldplay medley. We have chosen songs with lyrics that are both inspiring and uplifting and we try to capture this mood in our skating. We are thrilled to have had both programmes choreographed by the Romain Hageunauer.

IDC:  Is there anything you would like our readers to know about you as a team?

Fear & Waddell:  One thing that is interesting about us is that we both have British, Canadian and American passports.