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Ice Challenge Blog 2: Practice Day

Well, I had an unusual sort of a day today. Had a shock this morning when the alarm went off at 7am and we didn’t need to be up until later. Intelligently (not) didn’t reset the alarm and had a fright when the next time I woke was 11am! I think my body is till on USA time, I consoled myself I must have needed the extra sleep. 😉

So a somewhat leisurely get up, followed by a stroll into Graz and back to find some food. We then had arranged some practice ice at 4.30 pm, so we were at the rink, getting ourselves moving again. It was nice to see some friendly faces greet us – people from the organising committee we had met previously, fellow competitors, Team GB members, our training companions, and skating family members. Lots of smiling faces made us feel really positive about this week.

The practice ice, I cannot lie, was challenging to say the least! 7 dance couples and lots of young free skaters. Everyone was very polite and as efficient as possible, but a few more people than we were all expecting, I can say. Our objective was purely to find our legs and feel our feet on the ice again, but we did feel like we needed eyes at the back of our heads to stay safe. 

Next followed the official draw! We drew 13th of 13 to skate the Short Dance. We are very happy with that and hope we will skate our very best again. The Senior Dance practices begin at 6.30 am tomorrow morning, so a late draw means that we have our practice a 7.50 am, phew! As we like to arrive at the rink over an hour before we skate, we are very glad of a later draw tomorrow.

The Senior Dance competition is due to begin at 3.45 pm (gmt +1). I am told there is a live stream where you can watch live ( and the results are here.

Please enjoy the skating and show your support for us and all the other skaters who work so very hard to make our sport special.

Excited for show time!


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