On June 18, the International Skating Union released Communication #1797 which contained decisions of the ISU Council at their June 7-9, 2013 meeting in Vienna, Austria.  At this meeting, they decided the minimum technical scores for the 2014 ISU Figure Skating Championships and the Olympic Winter Games. 

For the European, World Junior and Four Continents Championships, as well as the Olympic Winter Games, the short dance TES requirement is 18 and the free dance TES requirement is 28.  For the World Championships, the short dance TES requirement is 28 and the free dance TES requirement is 38.

From the ISU Communication:  The Minimum Total Technical Score (not including Component Scores) is a Technical Score and must have been reached in an ISU recognized International Competition (as per Article 38, paragraph 7 of the ISU Constitution and Rule 107, paragraphs 1 to 9 of the ISU General Regulations) during the ongoing or immediately preceding season in both segments, Short Program/Short Dance and Free Skating/Free Dance (See ISU Special Regulations Single & Pair Skating Ice Dance 2012, Rule 378, paragraph 3).

While the Minimum Total Technical Score must be reached separately in each segment (not a total of the two segments), the Minimum Total Technical Score for each segment may be reached at different competitions.

The required minimum Total Technical Score for the Short Program/Short Dance and the Free Skating/Free Dance segment to participate in the ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships can only be obtained in registered International Junior Competitions/Championships.