Well, that was one long day of Blues and Polkas!!!!  The Junior is such a huge event with 35 teams so they ended up being 30 minutes behind schedule!  But it was okay, we were well rested and ready to start off the new season!!!  And it was a good thing too, to end the evening with polkas and leave everyone in a perky, happy mood!!!

Chris and I ended the short dance event with our program from “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.”  It was a great start to the season and we are happy with what we did today, and we know what to improve on for next time.  My sister Allison and her partner also skated really well and are sitting in 3rd right behind us!!!

Now onto the Free Dances for tomorrow!!! I wish everybody good luck, great skating and A LOT of FUN!!!!!!!!!!


cr-sd 0325  

~ Cathy