int-magerovskiyRebecca Magerovskiy and Sergei Magerovskiy are senior level ice dancers who represent the United States. They are coached by Igor Shpilband and train at Arctic Ice Arena in Canton, Michigan.

When did you start skating, and how long have you been ice dancing?
Rebecca: I began from roller skating when I was 9. I changed to ice skating at 15. I began to dance at 18.

Sergey: I was 9 when I began to skate. I was about 15 when I started dancing.

Sergey, you are originally from Russia. Why did you decide to come to the US? How long have you been living here?
Sergey: Actually, Rebecca and I came here together. She is originally from the states, but we lived together for some time in Moscow. We simply decided to make our life here in the US. I have lived in the here for 2 years.

Rebecca, have you had any previous partners?
Rebecca: No

In your own words, tell us how you started skating together?
One day we decided to try skating together. We liked it and kept going.

You are coached by Igor Shpilband, how did he prepare you for your first nationals?
Of course we had technical corrections from our coaches, and a lot run-through’s, but I don’t think training for Nationals is done just before Nationals…It started back in the summer when we did really strong off-ice training. For 3 weeks all we did was work in the gym and run cross-country like Forest Gump! We tried take the strength we gained in the summer and build on it through the rest of the year.

What were your goals heading in to Nationals?
We wanted to skate very well in every portion of the competition.

How did you feel about your performances?
We think we met our goal this year. We were really proud of how we skated our programs because we did everything in full energy and power, and I think we left a good impression. We really felt great after this event!

Which events will you skate at next season?
Hopefully, we will be ready for Lake Placid in August. After that we will decide what to do next.

Which compulsory dance is your favorite?
Rebecca: I am only beginning to learn the Golden Waltz, but I think it is already my favorite.

Sergey: I like the Tango Romantica.

Which skaters or dancers do you look up to?
Gritchuk and Platov

When you are not skating, how do you like to spend your time?
Rebecca: Sergey really likes to sleep and eat red meat. He is also very good with computers; he built and programmed our computer.

Sergey: She likes to shop and play pool. She takes care me. We also hang out with friends.