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Youth Olympics Blog #5 by Chloe Lewis

It’s competition day!

I woke up starving and immediately went down for breakfast with April, and then got ready for the day.

We had our 35 minute warm up and they played music which is unusual, but it was nice. After practice we went back to the hotel to rest, and as I was doing my meditation it was harder than usual to focus. I wasn’t nervous, but I was so excited to go that my stomach was doing so many backflips I’m guessing it was hosting the gymnastics Olympic trials. While I was in my room, I kept up with the short track speed skating results. Our teammate Aaron did really well, getting 3rd, 1st and 3rd.

By the time we left for the rink, the stomach Olympic trials were over, and I was so excited to get going. The competition was honestly very fun, and I can distinctly remember looking up the usual way in my starting pose only to see the Olympic flag! I think that was a good way to begin the dance, and although it wasn’t our seasons best score we were SO happy with the skate and we are sitting in 3rd going into the free dance.

After our competition we had a quick interview and then a draw for the free, and we skate 11th, which is 3rd in the final group. The timing worked out perfectly because directly afterwards our teammate Vanna skated her short! I’d never seen her skate before, but I’m kind of glad that it was a surprise because it was a beautiful program. Her spins and jumps were all perfect, so all of Team USA had clean short programs!

Once I got back to the hotel and ready again, my parents took me to their AirBnB which is such a cute Norwegian style apartment. We then went to a restaurant with my grandfather and all guessed our meals because the entire menu was in Norwegian. Luckily, we all loved our mystery meals!

That’s pretty much it, other than Facetiming friends again and following the hockey game online–USA defeats NOR 8-0! Goodnight from Hamar, it’s been another perfect day in Norway.

And happy Valentine’s Day!