Original Dance

Report by Abby Millager

1. Maxwell & Traxler

pocohontas outfits. Traxler has fringe garters just below the knees.

native American flute, drum

straightline footwork methodical, decent edges

tw well done

biellmann on shoulder lift

huge circular footwork—slow on purpose, looks like they’re being careful to show edges-not taking any chances, probably smart

spin: sit /layback to Biellmann/ sit

cool rhythmic drum section

spin: one arm rotating, hold around waist with her horizontal

intricate, unusual steps throughout, interesting program (linichuk?)

2. Johnson & Scott ( Canada)

burgundy lace over white dress with sash/blk pants,white shirt, burgundy sash

Canadian celtic –hammer dulcimer, fiddle

lift :squat spreadeagle, her standing on his feet

straightline footwork -ok

tw- slow, fell out of second set

circ footwork–bit struggled, unsure edges

spin: camel to Y


one arm rotating lift ,waist hold

jig moves

room for more choreography

3. Summersett & Gilles

sweet spring green little dress with daisy in hair/jeans, white cotton shirt

us country western folk-brother where art thou?

twizzles in pancake– awesome

straight footwork- deep carving

gospel section

spin: biellmann sit into sit(her) camel(him) came to a grinding halt

lift: him in forward moving squat with her sitting on his lap legs extended, holding with both hands around his neck

circular footwork fast banjo section –intricate footwork—

lift: rotating with her doubled over his arms

very strong program

3. Rithaler & Kondrashin

blue dirndl with puffy sleeves/ blue navy polka style vest

umpapa music

circ foot ok

polka steps

lift rot strug

blue Danube

waltz moves

straightline lift : titanic on belly, prone, feet first

spin ? to y

straight line with twizzles in half sit, second set arms overhead– slow

fun bouncy music

in-between-choreo felt a bit sparse

5. Puttkemery & Gallagher

red sparkly almost two piece tatter dress/gypsy vest

Turkish-slow male vocal + guitar

circular footwork lots of closed hold

straightline titanic lift

straight footwork, step out

twizzles holding blade, second set fall out

energetic leaping

lift :one arm rotating, her face up

energetic, choreo has a lot going on

diag footwork

spin: biellmann to layback with leg low

ends with fast harem music

6. Gustafson & Dear

little red dress/white shirt ,suspenders

Hungarian- slow violin to “bei mir bist du schoen”

starts him holding suspender

she does cute fake off-balance maneuver, repeated later in program

straightline footwork- one footed through halfway, nicely done

tw successful

spin -missed

slow section

spreadeagle curve lift with her draped over his back

circular foot-ok, not simple

split rotating lift

quick fun moves, high energy, personality

7. Farrell & Fishpaw

flowy green gradient dyed shirt and dress with sparkly gold trim

irish celtic river dance type drums, then fiddle

jig moves

serp? footwork-difficult

spin: sit/biellmann into layback, not fast and traveling a bit

riverdance moves again, fast

bent knee spreadeagle (curve?) lift, her one foot standing on his foot

bobbles on twizzles

pretty pipe music

more drums, fast

lift: rotating biellmann wrapped around him, to her being swung around, hands holding his neck

good energy, nice look. some tough choreo looks like they haven’t quite grown into it yet

8. Wilson & Goodman

white halter, wide cherry sash/black country shirt, jeans and big belt buckle

American barn dance

big beat bar country male vocal

curve spreadeagle lift: ? she ends up hanging between his legs

circular footwork slow, off synch

biellmann into sit biellmann spin to layback spin

lift : one arm rotating, she holding blade behind her backside

straightline foot work-similar to circular

twizzles off balance, fell out of first half

music was high energy, they had fun with it

placid’s early in the season-program felt like it really hadn’t gelled yet

9. Hann-McCurdy & Coreno

faded blue skirt, white puffy sleeve shirt/red plaid shirt, suspenders ,jeans

Newfoundland jig

excellent folk character

circular footwork smooth

funny running moves

lots of closed hold

one arm rotating spin

spin: tilted back camel to nice y

cute jig section

fast feet

straightline footwork-well done

twizzles with leg extended out to the side, then hands behind backs—nicely done

lift: she stands on his thigh with one foot

great entertaining character, tough choreo requiring quickness throughout

10. Whetstone & Obzansky

burgundy and white dirndl/poet shirt

violin (Hungarian) czardas-starts slow

lift: titanic with her upside down on belly, feet up in air

nice drape

czardas speeds up—unfortunately almost fell in circular footwork

spin :sit /attractive layback(past two days there’ve been a lot of soso layback positions) to biellmann/ sit– nicely done

straightline footwork (music speeding up again)

twizzles with arm over head, then folded arms, a bit off synch at end but not bad

rotating lift, catchfoot position around his body

11. Kriengkrairut & Giulietti-Schmitt

Russian gypsy music

red, black and gold two piece gypsy outfit with paillettes/gypsy vest

cute plinky music, fiddle

straightline footwork in mirror, speeding up– careful to show edges

twizzles: holding blades, then arms over head- good but not fast

slow section–

biellmann into biellmann sit spin into blade to head spin-good

female vocal

lift: spreadeagle, her up on his thigh, then scissoring his legs, horizontal

nice circular footwork

lift rotating, several positions with her horizontal

energetic interpretation

12. Snyder & Fischl

bluegrass, country

light blue and white dirndlish dress with little flowers/jeans, suspenders

spin: sit /catchfoot to y

slow hammer dulcimer section-pretty

circular footwork ? edges

one foot straightline upside-down-on-shoulder lift

cute heel steps

straightline footwork ok maybe wants difficulty, accuracy

music getting faster

twizzles holding blades, fell out

fun fiddle music

spin: rotating with her in catchfoot position

lighthearted feel to program

Free Dance

Report by Abby Millager

Disclaimer: sorry if descriptions are inaccurate or incomplete (ie just plain wrong)—for instance, a lot of lifts at this level go through many positions quickly –it’s hard to catch/record everything. This should at least give you a clue what went on.

My shorthand:
trumpet lift=woman usually upside down in back arching catchfoot position with free leg sticking out, slung over man’s body like a shoulder harness.
titanic lift= man in forward moving squat, holding one of woman’s legs between his thighs while woman reaches forward in one of a variety of positions

1.Natalie Rithaler/Denis Kondrashin
cream toga dress, blk/gold gladiator outfit
marchy male choral music (Troy?) /drummy section/female vocal on ah
slow, lot of stroking
one foot biellmann lift, nearly fell
fell on prone straddle spreadeagle lift
semi sitspin twizzle combo, slow
kamel kwan spin good
straightline footwork done but slow
edges, soso
circ footwork same, small circle
catchfoot plus ? spinning lift
back catchffoot into hydro split lift
soft ending

2 .Christina Chitwood/Mark Hanretty (Great Britain)
opera nellafantasia
lovely basic stroking
ride on shoulder/catchfoot spin lift
fast, edgy straightline footwork
lovely spreadeagle move-him pulling her by the leg extended between his
straightline footwork bit struggled today
circular footwork, decent edges
lovely over the head lift
onearm spin lift– he’s holding her blade
one-footed lift: she stands in biellmann position, one foot on his lifted back knee
nice emotion, sensitive body interpretation of the music
lift: biellmann into split standing on his foot
decent speed
spreadeagle lift: her legs in vee, one leg over his shoulder , leaning out
spinning pretzel lift
twizzle combo arm over head, ok bit slow second half
packed choreography, interesting positions, innovative

3. Megan Wilson/Garett Goodman (Canada)
blk and silver bustier with white&gray gradient dyed skirt/white satin shirt, blk pants
eerie nightmare music(Edward scissorhands? Nightmare before Christmas?)/thriller
starts and ends with draped, ghoulish poses
spinning lift goes from split into prone position with legs in vee around the man’s body
lots of stroking
crossed legs layover thigh lift
biellmann grabbed into biellmann, then layback, spin
circular foot work flat
spinning/reverse spinning lift, first holding her foot behind her butt then in sideways biellmann
thriller section, nice expression on thriller—obviously having fun
twizzle, fell out first set
man doing backward straight hydro(no edge), woman in horizontal prone layover leg balance lift
more stroking in between
forward squat lift, woman kneeling in layback
ends with evil laugh

4. Charlotte Maxwell/Nick Traxler
operapuccini(time to say goodbye)
elegant burgundy/pink tasteful classical outfits
laybackchangefoot biellmann spin-nicely done
somersault into ontheshoulderccatchfoot lift
footwork– long onefoot section
upped the difficulty level of their program from last year (Linichuk)
kneehooked over shoulder lift into one-arm spinning lift
twizzles fast, drifted apart second set
packed choreo, lots of swooping moves nice with music
footwork serp decent edges
back somersault into catchfoot on shoulder lift
front handstand on leg combo lift
straightline footwork, slow but difficult –some edges iffy
movements generally well synchronized
flagging a bit at end
spinning layback lift/she riding on his feet (this is what my notes say but I don’t know what it looks like anymore)
crook leg over neck, leaning outward lift into sideways back wrap spinning lift

5. Marsha Snyder/Peter Fischl
black with red sash; red satin ruffle skirt/ blk sparkle bodice
paso, espana cani starts slow
cool thighs around thigh layback lift, bent knee spread eagle
titanic lift into one arm, arched layback spinning lift
donut/kwanish spin
slow part -lot of stroking
one foot lift?
twizzles holding blades in front okay, second set of tw not good
losing steam at end
circular footwork struggled and flat, not as punchy as the music
random fall on choreography
diag footwork struggling with difficult edges
pinwheel combo spinning lift

6. Allie Hann-McCurdy/Michael Coreno (Canada)
silver and fuchsia tatter skirt dress/silver shirt black pants
loud flamenco/funkydrumprimitive music
tiltback camel/kwan spin
sloppy body positions for this level-wants fluidity
serp foot?
tummy on shoulder, semi upside down spinning lift -dramatic
circ footwork kinda flat
spin: bent knee tilted kamel to kwan-good
funky section:
lift- split standing on his foot, then upside down, bent knee, him squatting(?)
fun music
twizzles okay hand over head, behind back
choroeography less elaborate than some
sideways on shoulder spreadeagle lift
straight foot work okay

7. Lisa Johnson/Joseph Scott (Canada)
red street tango dress,/white shirt blk pants
serious dramatic violin music, ends up it’s Schindler’s List
starts gently fluid bodies
titanic back lift
spin tilted kamel to kwan nice control
circ foot, decent edges
drooping horizontal body position lift, spread eagle- lay back over knee
fast folk cut hidey moves
catchfoot tw fell out, also reverse
dragging, sliding on ice
slow again schindler theme
catchfoot spinning lift
upside down on spreadeagle into spinning trumpet lift
lovely expression, bit of trouble on diag ftwk
ends with effective forward raft
touching and appropriately understated
maybe less speed and difficulty than some other programs

8.Clare Farrell/Chase Fishpaw
purple gypsy outfits
hunchback of notre dame music
starts with interesting hoppy section
bent spreadeagle with her prone,legs scissoring his leg—then her in vertical lift: split with one foot on his one foot
diagonal footwork, bit struggled, ambitious
fast diagonal running section
one foot trumpet lift into spin then hands around neck, body swinging out, still spinning
forward squat lift with her kneeling in his lap
tough program
twizzles one hand over head good, then both hands over head done ok
serpentine footwork okay edges, a little struggled
lots of interesting moves and hold changes
slow sitspin /donut. layback position could be better
sideways titanic lift nice
great interaction.feeling
intricate choreography

9. Jane Summersett/Todd Gilles
startling pearl gray,blk and white swanny outfits with neck tie and bloody sleeve(him)/dark tights(her)
dark late classical (Prokovievoid)music/long eerie waltz section
sit/biellmann/donut spin nice
combo lift: he throws her over his head onto his shoulder -she somersaults down and somehow ends up hanging on under his hydroblade
fast, packed program, interesting transitions
spinning donut lift
smooth skating, good speed
lots of dragging each other around by one leg
twizzles with free leg straight then reverse with hands clutched together in front–effective
dark section spinning her on ice and dragging
more waltzing, but only on one foot as part of circ footwork some deep edges, not all there yet but you know it will be
one arm spinning lift, she first in forward crouch, then reversing to backward arching “dead” looking position
oohaah spreadeagle lift-she in handstand on his thighs, her body arching, peeling outward from his

10. Mauri Gustafson/Joel Dear scratch?

11. Bethany Puttkemery/Kevin Gallagher (Canada)
fuchsia splitskirt dress/yellow shirt, blk pants and suspenders
sinatraesque music/ cool swing/ scat: it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing/ etc.
hydroblade drape- nice
spinning one arm lift, she doubled over his arm
straightline footwork decent, not as difficult or edgy as some
twizzles done, not great
slow hot section,
spin catchfoot, plus ?
titanic forward lift, nice position
circular footwork little struggled, trouble on twizzle
great one foot lift, she upside down into legs scissored around his bent spreadeagle, bit struggled
fun fast rhythm,
nice swing feel to their skating
don’t have the difficulty of choreography of some others
spread eagle lift into spinning catchfoot lift nicely done

12.Mimi Whetstone/Chris Obzansky
pink/yellow polka dots Tanith? dress/brown pinstripe pants pin suspenders
jazz should I let myself go/sinatraesque music/swing/slow swing
combo spinning lift: on shoulder/stag position on his hip/
nice smooth skating
twizzles travel nicely
fastish straightline with decent edges
one foot lift– catchfoot into spinning lift as donut around his leg then split across lap
camel/biellmann spin
upside down catchfoot/ hydroblade lift draped over his back-nice
fast section-entertaining bouncy feel
circ footwork smooth-they make it look easy
unfortunate fall at end of program on spinning lift (catchfoot to straight body with the hand-between-her-leg hold)

13.Lynn Krienkrairut/Logan Giulietti-Schmitt
red sparkly bellybutton baring asymmetrical skirt dress, blk fringe/ blk man’s outfit, red pintucks on the shirt
edgy tango/likely piazzola (you have to wonder if they recycled any of last year’s od)
skating generally with edge and power
passionate-skate like they mean it
tough straightline footwork.
twizzles holding blades- nice
one-arm spinning lift-woman in arched position
one footed lift—woman in catch foot position, (a little shaky at first) changing to multiposition spinning lift
circ (serp?) footwork difficult, a bit struggled at times, good edges
titanic lift with her prone, legs scissored around his waist, bit slow
spreadeagle lift-biellmann over his head, changing to trumpet, forward motion almost stopped
spin: biellmann then foot to head, slow
lots of quick choreography
packed program-these guys mean business
a number of small mistakes today