2008 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships – Inside Edge Blog


by Travis Mager

Well firstly today was has been an extrodinary day. Not only did Lauren and I win Pacifics, I had Jamba Juice, which was equally as exciting for me! 🙂 One of our competitors, Meredith Zuber, could not compete this week because she has been in the hospitol, so I’d like to take a moment and wish her the best and that she has a speedy recovery.

It was a little hazy here this morning, but even the haze was gorgeous. Competition didn’t start until around noon today, so I had a nice morning eating (free!) breakfast with Lauren Corry for an hour and a half.

Pacifics itself has been run very well, but I found it odd that the photographer was the person handing out medals. That just irked me a little bit. Beyond that, this competition has been phenominal.

I sometimes forget that there are other disciplines in skating, so it’s fun to meet other skaters outside of ice dancing, which I have this week. I actually met a freestyler who took from one of my old freestyle coaches back home, which I found wild. I’m so used to watching 24 Cha Chas, and this week I watched Novice shorts – it was so weird!

I’d have to say, though, that the highlight of my week so far (beyond winning and going to Laguna and Newport beaches) was recieving my Nationals packet! It was so surreal getting that packet – we’ve gone to JNs for the past two years, and that was fun, but getting that packet blew my mind! Pilar Bosley has been telling me this whole week that a skater’s first Nationals is unbelievable, and I have to believe her.

I wish everybody the best if they’re still competing, congrads to everyone who has finished competing, and happy training until nationals! Can’t wait to see everybody (including freestylers…!) in St. Paul!

After FINALLY competing today, Lauren and I sit in first place after both compulsories, sadly without much wiggle-room. It’s funny how long it feels like it takes when you’re waiting for your name to be called. It felt like an eternity waiting for our names. Then when I was watching Junior this evening, it felt like it was taking maybe 10 seconds between the skaters. Pressure blows…

After skating and a quick interview with an icenetwork reporter, Lauren and I went to the beach to see the sunset. I know I’ve been complaining a lot about the early practices (which we have another one tomorrow), but this sunset was unbelievable. And to prove how sorry I am that I complain so much, I’m including a picture of the sunset, a gift from me to you. This quick visit was followed up by a trip to Goldenspoon, which is the best place in the world, hands down. Again, California needs to share it’s breadth of food places to the world – Goldenspoon has to be the best frozen soft-serve yogurt in the world. We first got it in Irvine with Christine, but we got it again tonight. Lauren got Eggnog for the second time, and I got Old-Fashion Vanilla and Chocolate Caramel. SO AMAZING. It was perfection in a cup. Not to mention that a mini (which should be a medium) is only $2.30. I live in the wrong place.

I went back to the rink tonight (much to my coach Greg’s dismay) to watch the Junior CD. The Cha Cha is fun, and I enjoyed it even more sitting with a friend from home and explaining dance to her and her mother. The world of ice dancing is slowly being expanded!
Tomorrow wraps up Juvenile and Novice, and continues with the Junior OD.

It was an early morning again, this time not entirely due to skating. The traffic down here rivals the traffic back home – the DC area. It took us an hour to get to the offical practice rink this morning, which would normally take probably 30 minutes. Always fun.

After practice, Pilar Bosley called me to let me know the final results of Novices from the East. Firstly, Congradulations everyone in Easterns! And Secondly, it really stinks that I haven’t even started to compete yet, and they’re already done. Such is life…

Another sad(der) moment was when I asked if Brin Adams and Dan Donigan wanted to hang out and they let me know that they were going to the beach. I had to stay at the hotel and rest. Why am I in California? Do I figure skate? Am I competing?

I made my dad take me to Jamba Juice just now, and I cannot understand why Jamba Juice isn’t EVERYWHERE across the US. They would make a killing if they opened up stores beyond Southern California or NYC! I ran into Patrick Mays, Rachael Richardson, and Brad Coulter in Jamba, and they were just as surprised as I was at how long the wait was. Maybe there needs to be more Jamba Juices around here too?

Heading out now to do my hair (again, fun times) and to go to the rink for Compulsories.

Early mornings are a blast, especially when skating is involved. While 7:30 ice is late for most (including us), this time change is really getting us crazed. Early mornings are generally OK (which today was), and we skated at the Iceoplex center in Escondido, where we shared ice with Tammy Gambill and one of her students, which was super cool.
The parade of glitz started this morning with everybody dressed up in competition garb. Everyones outfits were bedazzled (sorry!) and sparkly beyond words.
While there weren’t many people there in the stands, it’s always nice having some spectators, even if it’s only family. Tomorrow might shape up…

Beyond skating, my “skating family” and I went to the San Diego Zoo today, which was very cool. The weather was perfect for an afternoon visit, and most of the animals were out and watching us almost as intently as we were watching them.
For dinner, we went down to Old Town San Diego, where it was set up kind of like a Mexican village back in the 1800’s; everyone was dressed up in traditional Mexican clothing, and there were pottery stores and candy stores (which weren’t so appealing after eating large dinners) galore. It was really neat. On the down side, San Diego hasn’t done a good job labeling streets, so getting lost combined with traffic, it took us about three times the time to get down there. Not exactly my idea of fun, but it was a good time anyway.

Tomorrow out here, dance-wise, is going to be full of Cha Chas, Waltzes, a little Polka, a little Hoedown, and some Marching. Ahhh, the compulsory dances. With the Easterns already underway, the Pacific competitors are ready to go.

After staying with Christine (Binder) for three days, Lauren and I drove into San Diego today. Driving down on route 5 was so pretty – with my Jamba Juice in hand, I was in paradise. We drove to the offical rink, and had little trouble with signing in. The rink itself is really nice; lots of stands, friendly people who staff the rink, and INSAINE bathrooms – there were power dryers! The practices were fairly empty, seeing as most people opted to travel today.

After practice today, Lauren and I went to dinner and movies with Lauren Corry and Don Bradner and Brin Adams and Dan Donigan. There’s so much to do out here – the movie theater was inside a huge strip-mall right next to the rink.

The host hotel, the Springhill Suites Marriott faces route 5 as well as the mountains – a wonderful view. The rink is about 5 minutes away, and the beach is maybe 20 minutes away – with 80 degree weather and non-stop sunshine, the beach is sure to have lots of skaters visiting it.

San Diego so far has been nothing short of amazing.