2010 LPIDC Program Notebook – Novice

Free Dance

Cassandra Jeandell/Damian Dodge: (“You Raise Me Up”) opening with their twizzle sequence. A little off on the first set. Nice straightline lift. Maintained good expression throughout the program. Had some trouble on one lift when her leg almost didn’t get over his head to get around his neck. Good recovery though, and they were able to finish the position. Very lyrical performance.

Jessica Mancini/Tyler Brooks: (“Under the Sea” – French version) new team, making their debut. Nice elements, just need some more time to develop. Although a bit rough, their lifts are their strongest elements.

Kelsey Barnes/Jonathan Cohn: good highlight moves to start. Twizzles done well and good speed and positions on spin. A little slow in spots and with some added confidence, they will bring out more expressing within the program.

Vanessa Wade/Joseph Wilson: (“Fly Me to the Moon” & “It Don’t Mean a Thing”) started with some trouble catching her blade on the rotational lift. Possible foot down towards the end of the twizzle sequence and struggled a bit on their final lift. Nice highlights and nice speed in some parts of the program for this new team.

Grace Deissroth/Brett Mueller: (“LaStrada”) had a few struggles during the twizzle and spin elements. Lifts looked very solid for this new team.

Meara Lorello/William Dean: (Spy-type music) smooth skating and nice style. Good speed maintained throughout the spin. Matched very well and good expression.

Stacey Siddon/Jared Weiss: (“Everything I Do” – Robin Hood soundtrack) good presence and speed. Nice connections made between the team. Ended slightly after the music and he put his foot down on the spin. Overall, a nice program.

Karen Tong/Michael Chang: (“Angel”) straightline lift with him on one knee, was shaky going into it, but nice recovery. Several nice highlights, but not as in synch as some teams ranked above them.

Jessica DeMaria/Dean Miller: (“Feeling Good”) solid first lift and elements. Awkward end to final stationary lift. Great save from what could have been a disastrous fall. Ranked 4th nationally at the intermediate level, this team will need more speed as they transition to novice.

Kaitlin Hawayek/Michael Bramante: (“Malaguena”) nice choreography developing. Good speed and ice coverage. Lifts seemed a little off, but should improve with more training time. Not bad for having only been training together since late June.

Greta Riebe/Jacob Jaffe: (“Phantom of the Opera”) very strong elements and presentation. Excellent combination lift of a straightline to curve.

Angelina Giordano/Christopher Davis: (Art of Noise) they are the 2010 juvenile national champions, bypassing intermediate to go right into novice. Solid lifts, but definitely will need much more speed making the jump up to novice. Decent expression from both.

Ramona Wright/Matthew Loiacono: (Tango medley) nice speed and positions on lifts. Good tango feel in the choreography. Competed intermediate in 2010.

Elliana Pogrebinsky/Ross Gudis: (“Matrix” selections) excellent lift transitions on opening lift. Decent performance, but twizzle and spin mistakes were costly. Skated it better in practices.

Holly Moore/Daniel Klaber: (“Harem”) hops into twizzles, in synch and good speed. Slight stumble transitioning out of twizzles. Nice big pattern for the circular footwork and stayed in character through all their elements. Seemed to settle in and get stronger as the program progressed.

Rachel Parsons/Michael Parsons: (“Firebird”) started with a combo lift, nice change of positions. Interesting behind the back entry into a straightline lift. She had excellent positions on all the lifts. It was a strong program to dramatic music, but I didn’t get a sense of expression from it.

Kira Nash/Douglas Stevenson: (“Victor Victoria,” “Shady Dame of Seville”) twizzles travelled very close to the wall. Circular footwork had good speed, but if possible, they should push the pattern out further. Nice split lift with her balancing across his skates. Good expression and characters.

Irina Chutko/Peter Paleev: (Tango to Russian Folk) definite “cuteness” factor going on here. Fun entry, where he pulls her through his legs to an upside lift. Circular footwork had good speed and control. Twizzles got a bit out of synch and the final rotational lift didn’t have enough revolutions. Super expressive team who played well to the judges and seemed to be having fun with their program. They will also compete at intermediate on Saturday.