2010 US Junior Championships – Intermediate CD Report



I would like to first start off by saying congrats to all the skaters who are competing at Junior Nationals. Everyone has made huge improvements over the course of the season, and this was a very enjoyable compulsory dance event. Here are some observations of the event. I noted the color of each of the girls’ dresses (except for Rachel Parson’s Foxtrot dress because I was so fixated on the skating! My sincere apology! I’m sure it was beautiful).

Parsons/MacMillian— (missed/white lace with long sleeves) The 2009 Juvenile champions made a strong Intermediate entrance by topping the field in both the Foxtrot and the American Waltz. They had a range of GOEs of primarily plus 1 and plus 2 on both dances (there were only four base marks in the Foxtrot and only 2 in the American). They had lovely lilt, knee action, and wonderful unison.

DeMaria/Miller—(neon green/ neon pink) After taking a season off due to injury, DeMaria and Miller came back to the Intermediate field with very strong skates in both dances. They skated with nice expression and carriage. I noted that I especially liked Miller’s leading skills in the Foxtrot. They skated very close together, especially the American. They had a few minus 1 and plus 2 GOEs, but they primarily ranged from base to plus 1. They had a few base and plus 2 GOEs, but they were primarily in the plus 1s in the American.

Moore/ Klaber—(pale red and beige with ruffles/ light pink) Skating in front of the home crowd can be skaters nervous, but for Moore and Klaber, that was not the case. They skated very close together in their Foxtrot and American, showing off good carriage and lines. They placed fourth in both dances, making a strong showing in their first year in Intermediate. They had no negative GOEs in their American and only one -1 in their Foxtrot (which consisted primarily of base and plus 1 GOEs).

Reibe/ Jaffe—(purple with pale pink underlay in skirt/ cream and gold with long sleeves) Reibe and Jaffe are now sitting in 4th going into the free dance after making the jump from 6th in the Foxtrot. Their Foxtrot had a nice feel, but I noticed some errors such as a slight pattern shift. However, their American was skated very close together and nicely executed. They had nice unison, flow, and edging, which allowed them to place 3rd in this dance.

Progrebinsky/ Gudis (black with red wings/ magenta and various pinks with ruffles) In their first season together, Progrebinsky and Gudis placed a strong 5th with a 3rd place Foxtrot and 5th place American. Their foxtrot was elegant with nice speed and edging. She, especially, had nice lines, but they could have had more of a relationship with each other (which I am confident they will develop as they progress as a team). Their American also showcased flow and edge quality, but they were consistently lagging the music, especially on the first pattern. As a side note, Progrebinsky is not only one of three skaters from my Region, Central Pacific, (the others are Kiley Pearl and Rahul Coburn who represent the St. Moritz ISC) but also a part of my club, the Peninsula SC. Go Centrals skaters!

Wright/ Loiacono (hot pink with coral underlay/ light pink) Also making the move up to Intermediate, Wright and Loicono have made a strong start by placing 5th and 6th respectively in the Foxtrot and American. They had a nice foxtrot, with good flow and edging. They could have had more unison. Their American was closely skated with nice knee action and controlled turns.

That’s the top 6. Like I said, everyone skated very well. I’m sure the free dances will be great! If readers want any more coverage, please contact the IDC staff, and I’ll add more. However, I will leave you for tonight because I have to get up early to trial judge these free dances tomorrow morning! Till tomorrow!