2010 US Junior Championships – Intermediate FD Report


I’m sorry the report came up so late last night. I had to go Christmas shopping yesterday after the event. The good news is I’m done and I got to ride in an electrical wheel chair (I only crashed once! How exciting…). However, Intermediate free dance just finished not too long ago, and I have a nice long break before 12 Hickory Hoedowns.


This trip has been fantastic. It’s been a great learning experience from my judging perspective, and I’ve seen some fantastic skaters. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with the depth of the US field and how much all of our skaters have improved as a whole. I hope the skaters are as proud as I am for their achievements. If you at home have been watching, you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Parsons/ MacMillian (various grays with red underlay skirt/ Piano dramatic piece; I wish I knew the name)—After winning the 2009 Juvenile Dance title, Parsons and MacMillian are taking home, yet another gold medal after winning the free dance. The program showcased their nice skating skills and unison. They were seamless throughout the program, on exception of their twizzles, which were slightly off on the second set and separated. They were one out of three teams that received a level 2 circle step (the others were Rachelle Fragedakis/ Thomas Ontko and Cassie Lark/ Joshua Leggett).

Sp4, Sl4, STw4, RoLi4, CiSt – TES: 28.22 PCS: 27.59 TSS: 55.84

Total Score: 107.49


Moore/Klaber (red with black trim and pink underlay skirt/ “Bolero” from “Moulin Rouge”)—Moore and Klaber delivered another wonderful skate in front of their home crowd. They skated with attack in their speed and edging. Powerful interpretation and seamless elements gave this 3rd place free dance enough points to win the silver medal. They received no negative GOEs on their elements, but did receive a couple of plus 2s.

Sp4, CiSt1, RoLi4, STw3, CuLi4 – TES: 27.57 PCS: 27.07 TSS: 54.64

Total Score: 101.34


Pogrebinsky/ Gudis (black and white mime outfits/ “mime” theme)—Pogrebinsky and Gudis truly sold this program. They were so smooth throughout the whole performance and stayed true to their theme throughout their transitions and elements. It was musical and very enjoyable. They take home the bronze after placing second in the segment. They were only given one -1 out of the whole panel (Go PSC!).

CuLI4, STw4, Sp4, CiSt1, RoLi4 – TES: 28.22 PCS: 26.79 TSS: 55.01

Total Score: 100.19


DeMaria/ Miller (Grey, with black and blue trim/ I don’t know the name. I like it though!)—The thing I like most about this team is their attack. They were very aggressive throughout the whole program, even though their unison varied. They are evenly matched in skill. Their GOEs were primarily base, but had a few -1 on their rotational lift because of the slight struggle on the landing. After placing 5th in the free dance, they take home the “pewter” medal.

CuLi4, Sp2, STw3, CiSt1, RoLi4 – TES: 24.73 PCS: 25.57 TSS: 50.30

Total Score: 98.68


Ribe/ Jaffe (blue/ “Feelin’ Good” by Michael Buble)—This team strikes me with their speed. They have wonderful, effortless flow. The highlight for me was their opening spin; even though it was a level 3, it was SO fast and absolutely solid. They had nice musical moments and some cool transitions, but I didn’t feel them building with the music. Overall, they skated a strong program in front of their home crowd and placed 6th in the segment and 5th overall.

Sp3, SlLi2, CiSt1, STw4, RoLi4  – TES: 23.82 PCS: 25.41 TSS: 49.23

Total Score 94.48


Tsukerman/Bye (pale pink/ “20’s” theme)—This music absolutely fits the personality of this team. They skated with nice carriage and interpretation of character from both skaters. They also received no negative GOEs for this performance and had primarily base and plus 1 marks. They were very a very musical team and landed in the top 6th with their 4th place free dance.

SlLi2, Sp4, STw2, CuLi4, CiSt1  – TES: 24.58 PCS: 25.91 TSS: 50.49

Total Score: 91.40