2011 LPIDC Program Notebook – Novice

Free Dance

Stacey Siddon & Jared Weiss
something lyrical
Overall, much improved since last year.  Nice extension and a good connection between them.  Their straightline lift was shaky, but redeemed themselves with a beautiful hydroblade lift with her in a full split.  39.23, 10th.

Anna Li & Tyler Vollmor
jazzy piece + classical piece
Transition between the two pieces of music worked well, and it was nice to see them try interpreting two different styles.  29.10, 15th.

Lauren Leonesio & Dustin Perini
Romeo & Juliet
Good speed and ice coverage with impressive lifts.  Rest of the elements were solid.  41.71, 6th.

Holly Moore & Daniel Klaber
“Le Jazz Hot”
Took a freak fall, but otherwise, a very polished program.  Great skating skills, and lots of charming choreography highlights.  Nice attention to detail in the whole program.  50.50, 1st (1st in TES, 2nd in PCS).

Melinda Meng & Andrew Meng (CAN)
Speed and intensity built throughout the program.  They started a little tentatively, but looked more comfortable as they got further along.  Fierce character, but they do skate a little “small.”  Would like to see more flow.  49.16, 3rd.

Angelina Giordano & Christopher Davis
Chocolat + “Caravan”
They are a well-matched team that moves well together.  The program had some lovely moments, but their expression can be improved; it was a little difficult to tell what story they were trying to portray.  The ending spin had a bit of trouble and slowed down quite a bit, but they got through it.  40.97, 8th.

Tory Patsis & Garrett Kling
In their first event together, their elements were a little rough, but can be ironed out with more time.  Good expression and attention to the character of the program.  23.22, 16th.

Alia Helsing & Alasdair Spitzer
Prince of Egypt
Some trouble with the elements in this program and they need more speed, but the choreography was quite intricate.  Perhaps they were concentrating very hard on the steps and with some more time, they will be able to relax and skate more freely.  36.89, 13th.

Morgan Grant & Luke Skala
The lifts were the highlight of this program, very strong!  However, they do not have many transitions between elements and do not have the character of a tango just yet.  48.78, 4th.

Sierra Chadwick & Alexander Martin
“Mack the Knife”
What a sweet couple!  They were all smiles and looked like they were having a blast.  Their program is fun and dance-y, and although they hesitated a bit on difficult elements, they kept the performance quality up.  41.51, 7th.

Hannah Rosinski & Jacob Jaffe
“This is a Man’s World” + “I Feel Good”
A new team, but they already have a good connection.  Elements were done well and cleanly.  They lost a bit of speed and spark in the final minute, but this will be a great program for them once they have a bit more stamina.  Nice start!  40.70, 9th (6th in PCS).

Hannah Pfeifer & Grant Lorello
Another new team in their first event.  It is obvious that they are still getting used to skating with each other, but the elements were done well and the program suits them well.  Looked like fun!  Looking forward to seeing this program progress.  38.52, 11th.

Irina Chutko & Pater Paleev (RUS)
Pulp Fiction
It is clear that this small team takes competition seriously in a big way!  Very, very polished and refined.  Every last detail looks practiced and choreographed—it would be nice to see them feel the music a little more—but they are such a treat to watch.  43.43, 5th (8th in TES).

Whitney Miller & Kyle MacMillan
Russian Gypsy
This new team is off to a great start.  Elements were skated very well, and they (especially her) have a great expression that demands your attention.  Good speed and use of the ice, too.  49.90 (2nd in TES, 1st in PCS).

Julia Leix & Dean Miller
Lots of new teams in this field!  Some hesitation showed in this program—they slowed down during footwork and had a few rough spots.  They are starting to perform this dance well, but would love to see even more expression from them.  35.47, 14th.

Chloe Lewis & Logan Bye
Music was familiar…we guessed Polovetsian Dances, but weren’t sure, and now we can’t remember.
For a small team, they have good flow over the ice and through their movements.  He’s such a chivalrous partner—he does a great job of presenting her.  Nice job, but they can attack the elements even more.  37.53, 12th (7th in PCS).