2011 LPIDC Program Notebook – Senior

Short Dance

Group A

Tarrah Harvey & Keith Gagnon (CAN)
“Straight to Number One”
Really fun Latin feel in this program, sharp and sassy.  Unfortunately, a few missteps here and there, including a big stumble in the footwork that probably caused a dent in their score.  42.63, 5th.

Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue
Program starts with sexy hip action, and right away, they seem very smooth for a new couple.  Small problem on the twizzle sequence, but a great start and a big statement for this team.  50.24, 1st (2nd in TES, 1st in PCS).

Anastasia Cannuscio & Colin McManus
Despite a fall (to knee) on a transition, they really sold the program.  Great Latin dancing, very sassy.  Precise and well-rehearsed, without looking overly choreographed or losing the rhythm.  She rocked the Navka headband!  45.22, 3rd.

Katherine Pilgrim & Alex Lorello
Music from The Mask
A lot of character to this fun program, seemed like they were having a blast.  Could be stronger on the elements.  29.41, 9th.

Shannon Wingle & Tim McKernan
“Kiss Kiss” + “I Like It Like That”
Great commitment to the music and choreography throughout the program, nice Latin hip action.  Very solid outing, style seems to suit them well.  42.34, 6th (but 3rd in PCS).

Anoushka Ritchie-Hervieux & Philippe Massé (CAN)
Massé, especially, has a lot of character in this program.  Slip-up on the twizzles, overall seemed to lose steam towards the end.  30.83, 8th.

Anastasia Olson & Jordan Cowan
Really sold the program, in particular, a lot sexier presentation from Cowan than we’ve seen in the past.  Good unison on the twizzles, strong straightline lift.  Would have won the event, except for a two-point deduction for Olson’s split position in a lift being greater than 180 degrees.  48.65, 2nd (1st in TES, 2nd in PCS).

Ginna Hoptman & Pavel Filchenkov
Very solid program, this team has developed well.  No noticeable errors, but would love to see more Latin flavour as the season progresses.  43.37, 4th.

Larissa Van As & Troy Shindle (CAN)
“Sway” + “Mambo Italiano”
The lightness in their skating comes off as tentative in a Latin program.  Would love to see them sell this more.  35.48, 7th.

Group B

Sarah Arnold & Justin Trojek (CAN)
“Besame Mucho” + “Do You Only Wanna Dance”
Solid skating and good pattern, but their presentation could use some more spice.  Basic skating looks improved over last season.  45.87, 3rd.

Meredith Zuber & Kyle Herring
“Everybody do the Cha Cha”
Also look improved overall compared to last season.  Herring’s expression is bigger than what it has been in the past.  Nice twizzles.  41.72, 4th.

Isabella Cannuscio & Ian Lorello
Nice twizzles from them, too.  Seem really comfortable with this program already.  Overall, great expression and a great way to start the season.  47.19, 2nd (3rd in TES, 1st in PCS).

Mélissande Dumas & David Mackay-Perry (CAN)
New team.  Trouble on the twizzles, a few slips throughout the program.  They look nice together, though, and there’s room to grow.  30.03, 7th.

Brittany Schmucker & Adam Munday
“The Cup of Life” + “Genie in a Bottle”
Good skate overall.  Final lift wasn’t the most attractive position, not sure if it went as planned or not.  Another new team, both with “big” presentation.  37.67, 5th.

Charlotte Lichtman & Dean Copely
“Mambo #5”
Fun program and skated well, looked like they were enjoying themselves.  Very close in height, though, and at times, she looks like she might even be taller than him.  53.06, 1st (1st in TES, 2nd in PCS).

Kristen Nardozzi & Robert Cuthbertson
Very sassy in leopard print.  Issues in the footwork and a couple of slips overall, but this will be a good program for them this season.  36.54, 6th.

Free Dance

Anoushka Ritchie-Hervieux & Philippe Massé (CAN)
Tango (modern version)
No major errors in this dance, aside from a rough transition during the ending lift. Character of the dance works for them. The next step for them is to perform this program with more crispness and attack, and to increase their overall speed and power. Nice job for a first outing. 58.07, 11th.

Brittany Schmucker & Adam Munday
Struggled through the twizzles, but made it (she may have dropped a rotation somewhere). Not much speed throughout the program, but good expression and character. 56.83, 13th.

Carina Glastris & Kevin Allison
“Summer Wind” + “Saturday Night”
Program seemed quite new, as they were struggling with a few elements.They didn’t give up, though, and fought through the program. First year on the senior level. Costumes look lovely on the ice. 35.57, 18th.

Anastasia Olson & Jordan Cowan
James Bond
Great speed, and it was maintained throughout. Program is already polished and they look extremely well-prepared, especially for July! Only error was a unison break on the twizzles. Fun (& difficult!) lifts that accentuate the piece. Perhaps a bit too much of the cheesy gun poses—takes away from the drama that was conveyed so well in the rest of the dance. Excellent skate overall. 70.88, 3rd (4th in TES, 3rd in PCS).

Ginna Hoptman & Pavel Filchenkov
Second tango in five teams! Strong skate, especially for early in the season. Solid elements overall, mirror twizzles were especially nice. Very accurately skated, but lacking the passion and connection needed for a tango—something to build during the season. 63.70, 8th (5th in TES).

Sarah Arnold & Justin Trojek (CAN)
(Music was something lyrical that I knew at the time, but forgot to write down)
Flow over the ice has improved since last season. Soft character overall, but occasionally had some stiffness in their upper bodies. Good speed through mirror twizzles. Nice job building intensity throughout the program. 62.94, 9th.

Mélissande Dumas & David Mackay-Perry (CAN)
Instrumental piano
Messy twizzles with loss of levels, a couple of rough moments. Seems like the program just needs more mileage. New partnership, need to work on skating stronger together. 46.65, 15th.

Anastasia Cannuscio & Colin McManus
“The Way You Look Tonight” + “Unforgettable” + “Get Me to the Church on Time”
What an absolutely charming program! Lovely light, dance-y feel, with nice highlights and attention to detail in their choreography. Spin didn’t go quite as planned, but the rest of the elements were solid. Entertaining, and definitely uplifting. 67.08, 5th.

Shannon Wingle & Timothy McKernan
Overall, very dramatic, “epic” take on Irish dancing. Built on a similar program they had during the 2009-2010 season (folk OD). Good elements, woven well into the program. Twizzles (3 sets) looked solid. Probably had level issues. 64.49, 7th (11th in TES).

Kristen Nardozzi & Robert Cuthbertson
Saturday Night Fever
Disco is also uplifting! Few little mix-ups with the feet, and had to really hang on to the twizzles, but the elements seemed secondary in this fun program. Great performance skills. Awesome choice for them. 45.95, 16th.

Meredith Zuber & Kyle Herring
‘20s theme, including “Let’s Fall in Love”
Fun Charleston to open, captured the audience right away. Touched down on twizzles, but other elements were good, and lifts were in the character of the program. Great expression from start to end. 57.03, 12th.

Janine Halstead & Robert Knopf
“Cry Me a River”
Solid program without major errors, but they don’t have the skating skills or speed of some of the other couples. They have a nice connection to each other and continue to improve every year. 44.21, 17th.

Charlotte Lichtman & Dean Copely
“Dark Eyes”
Great attack to this program and it was nice to see them try something more dramatic, since they have generally veered toward lighter/comedic programs. Looked quite prepared, but the score seemed low, so some elements were probably not given the levels that they were reaching for. 64.54, 6th (10th in TES).

Tarrah Harvey & Keith Gagnon (CAN)
Rolling Stones music, inc. “Angel” and “Paint It Black”
Very smooth, their skating continues to improve every year. Great ice coverage, especially on the twizzles. Solid elements overall. They do a nice job with interesting lifts, even without much of a height difference. Like L&C, after a couple of years of comedy, it’s nice to see them pull off something more dramatic that still suits them. 68.92, 4th (3rd in TES, 5th in PCS).

Katherine Pilgrim & Alex Lorello
Techno Paso Doble
We don’t see enough paso doble free dances! Came close to the wall on their twizzles, but got through them. Music was very fast-paced, and they may have lost a bit of energy towards the end, but carried the character through. 52.02, 14th.

Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue
“I Put a Spell on You”
This team is really coming together nicely. Smooth skating and elements looked easy, for the most part. Fast twizzles, well done. She’s the stronger skater in the team, but he’s keeping up with her quite well. Program had a lot of chemistry, especially in the first part. Final part had a touch of hip-hop influence, fun! 76.11, 2nd by a hair (2nd in TES, 1st in PCS).

Larissa Van As & Troy Shindle (CAN)
“Proud Mary” + “Daydream Believer” + “Spirit in the Sky”
Great job on the twizzles (3 sets), elements were solid, but need more power through them. They are so light on their feet, which is really nice to see, but need to pick up more speed

Music suits them, although they seemed a bit cautious at the beginning and didn’t really get into character until the final piece, which the audience responded to. Nice first outing for this program. 60.00, 10th.

Isabella Cannuscio & Ian Lorello
Les Misérables
Skated in black practice clothes because their costumes had not arrived yet. Great job on the twizzles (3 sets). A few bobbles here and there throughout the program, but they did not let the intensity drop and gave this skate their best. Program has a ton of potential as they get even more comfortable with it. 76.12, 1st (1st in TES, 2nd in PCS).