2011 NHK Trophy Blog #2 – A Lynn & Logan Rap

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We start off at seven with breakfast straight away
to fuel our muscles for the first practice of the day
Ate real quick then got on the bus
Felt a little tired, but no time to fuss

People are welcoming and very polite
If you have your credential you mustn’t fright
They checked our identity so many times
Better not lose it or you’ll receive a fine

On the first practice, we skated our free dance
Lynn looked beautiful and Logan had his pants
It’s not an item that he usually forgets,
but it’d be a nightmare he’d probably regret.

Two half-hour practices, piece of cake
but afterwards, it was hard to stay awake.
The sun sets so early, melatonin levels rising
Getting tired so fast, it’s really quite surprising.

Photo by Robin Ritoss

But Sapporo’s such an exciting city
So much to do and so much Hello Kitty
Gotta stay awake and adjust to the time
so we’d have things to talk about in our rhyme

We went shopping in the underground mall,
and made sure to walk on the left side of the hall
Everything seems to be opposite here
Even the vending machines have beer

Asian fashion- we really like their style
Hold on a minute, we could be here for a while
Logan’s becoming obsessed with Japanese hair
because he thinks it will give him that extra flair

Another early day for us ahead
So now it’s about time to go to bed
We probably will dream of anime
Maybe Pokémon will come out to play