2011 NHK Trophy Blog #3

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Upon request, here’s another rhyme
We guess we can do it one more time
Today was such an unusual day
Everyone was getting in each other’s way

At times it was scary, even sad
For Alex and Mitch, we felt really bad
Accidents happen as we understand
Sometimes things don’t go as planned

The Reeds and we exchanged battle wounds
Before we knew it, Lynn’s elbow had ballooned
Little did we know, Chris’ foot was bleeding too
but we all managed to skate the whole way through

Japan is wonderful and the fans are great
It gave us even more will to skate
With such enthusiasm, they cheered us on
Driven by the crowd, our worries were gone


We could see their smiles and hear their laughs
before they stopped us for autographs.
We watched the remaining events with oo’s and ah’s,
hoping everyone would skate without flaws.

We’re so proud of Team USA
and know that tomorrow will be another great day.
Three events down and one more to go
then NHK will end with a show.

Thank you so much for all the support
that you gave us after the free and short
We’re going to miss all these ecstatic fans
who give us energy from way up in the stands

We’re loving it here in Sapporo
Sayonara, everyone, until tomorrow!