2011 NRW Trophy Blog #3

What a day so far!!!

Wake up was very early today. We were on the ice practicing our short dance already at 7.40 a.m.!!! It’s always nice to see all the skaters already with makeup, nice costumes and a rising smile on the face so early in the morning!

We skated well and right after we went back to do breakfast and sleep. Fast shower, make up and then driving to the ice rink with Tanja’s parents.

Today was really funny to warm up running next to the ice rink. The weather is so nice nowadays, seems that winter doesn’t want to come!! Soccer game was also beginning and there were a lot of family going to the stadium right next to the ice rink!

We dressed up and we were waiting for the first group to finish. Our time was almost coming!!
kolbe-caruso11nrw-1stsdThe Spanish team skated last of the first group and then warm up group number 2 was supposed to be on the ice, but unfortunately the Referee said that they had a technical problem with the technical panel so we had 20 minutes delayed. So everybody came back to the dressing room to stay focused at the competition.

During that time they fixed the problem and everything was good.

We skated pretty solidly. We still have to work on our Rhumba. We know that we can be better, but apart from that, we had a lot of fun between us on the ice!

While Tanja went to watch all the other competitors, I was speaking with my mom. 😉 We heard the results (first place!) and it was really unexpected!! But really happy!

It was strange — especially for me — skating here in Dortmund. It has been one year since I started representing Germany. Now I felt like home. The public was so warm, they were clapping for us. It was something special I have to admit. That’s why perhaps I was also a little bit nervous.

We are just a little sad for our training mates, Charlene and Marco. They placed sixth in the short dance, but we know from how they train hard that they’ll get what they deserve.

A special thank also to our couch, Barbara Fusar-Poli. Without her we wouldn’t be here.
Now it’s time to go to sleep. Tomorrow Free Dance!!!

Gute nacht!!! Have a great time everybody!

Stefano Caruso