2011 World Championships Blog by Cathy Reed

banquetMay 2, 2011

*Time flies so fast…*

The 2010/2011 World Championships has come to a close and everyone is on their trip home.  Chris, Allison and I just arrived home and with us, so many great memories and wonderful friendships. We all had an amazing time!

Everyone was all dressed up beautifully for the Banquet!  It was nice to see because we are so used to seeing each other in warm up clothes and skating costumes! There was tons of food, live music, dancing and everyone was taking pictures from table to table.

I want to wish everyone a safe and wonderful summer, and I’m really looking forward to see everyone again next season!

Have a great summer everyone!!!!!!!!!




shortdancemedalistsApril 29, 2011


The Short Dance event went great today! Such an exciting competition! And I think all the dancers are relieved not to do Golden Waltz for a while!!!


After the conclusion of the Short Dance, all the dancers went to the draw room to congratulate the top three finishers: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, and Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat. Then we drew our starting order for the free dance.

As soon as that was over, we all rushed to get food in our stomachs because we were starving! Many of us didn’t want to wait for the bus, so we walked 10 to 15 minutes back to the hotel and went straight to dinner.

As soon as I finished dinner, I went back to my room, took a shower, got everything ready for the free dance tomorrow, and sat down and wrote this blog =)))

Now I’m off to sleep! Goodnight everyone and I wish all the ladies and dancers good luck in our final day of the World Championships!!!




cathy1April 28, 2011

*Enough of practices! Bring on the competition!*

Ice dancers had another two practice sessions today, and I think we are all eager to start the competition tomorrow! We are going to waltz the day away =)))

The men’s free skate was going on in the main arena during our practices (which are downstairs in the secondary rink). As soon as we finished, I rushed upstairs to watch the rest of the competition, and WOW…what an amazing event it was! Many quads were landed today, so it was so exciting to watch! The greatest performances of the day were the top three finishers — three splendid programs and beautiful quads. The pairs event is on right now and I’m watching it live in my room. It’s such an exciting event, too, and a lot of great skating.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow’s short dance event, so I’m going to make sure I get a good night’s rest! Instead of counting sheep, I’ll count 1, 2, 3 in my sleep!

Good luck to all the ladies and dancers tomorrow!!!




11W-Off68-LCApril 27, 2011

*The love for figure skating*

The ice dancers have two days of just practices before we compete, and today was day number one. Most of the couples from the qualifying round had a day off or just one practice, but all the “direct entry” couples came to both practice sessions. It was nice to finally have the three USA teams at our practice today. For the past two days it was just us and another team, but now everyone is here and ready to go!

Both practices were a success, but it was just a shame that our evening practice occurred during the Opening Ceremony. I heard that it was very good and that Japan was nicely represented and acknowledged. Cinquanta, the head of ISU, was there and he also made a reference to the US 1961 World team, who tragically perished 50 years ago. The Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was present and declared the World Championships open. He expressed his sympathy for Japan and commended them for their undeniable strength. My favorite comment of the day from Mr. Putin was on the history of figure skating: that over 150 years, the one thing that has not changed is the love for figure skating. That is so true!!!

Many good luck wishes for the men’s and pairs free programs tomorrow!!!






 reed-japaridzeApril 26, 2011

*In the eyes of a spectator*


Today I served as a spectator/cheerleader for the dancers in the Qualifying Round.

I have to say it was quite weird watching the ice dancing event from the stands instead of skating in it. Always when I’m watching any skating event, I have this urge to get out there and skate, but today I had the chance to experience being a spectator for once, and wow… it is so nerve-wracking! I get so nervous watching my teammates and friends skate –probably more nervous than when I’m actually competing myself.

It must have been very hard starting off the World Championships with the free dance right away and a lot of pressure to qualify, but all the teams went out there with a lot of attack and enthusiasm. A job well done!

While I was eating dinner, I had the pleasure of observing several military tanks roll by on the street next to the hotel. I guess they were practicing for a parade because there were a lot of officers telling people to stay clear of this street. They are preparing for a show just like the skaters here are preparing for the (official) start of the World Championships tomorrow!

Good Luck to all the Men and Pairs!!!!



April 25, 2011

11W-Pr25-0279-RR-LC-300*hugs and kisses*

Chris and I arrived in Moscow today, and WOW — such wonderful weather!!! Our trip over here took place primarily in a tiny, cramped, overbooked flight, so it was such a relief to get out of the plane and experience gorgeous, sunny weather. It feels like spring and it feels like the World Championships!

As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we were surrounded by familiar faces and exchanged tons of hugs and kisses. People from all different countries coming together once again, laughing, smiling and in such a good, optimistic mood. The hugs and kisses only kept coming as we arrived at the ice rink for our first practice. Our skating community is one big happy family.

Chris and & I had a great first practice and started off with a lot of stroking to wake up our legs from nine hours of inactivity. Then we did small sections of our short dance and just had a ball! We felt so light and happy, and I found this quite odd being that we just arrived today and skated on tired legs, but to see everyone’s faces and exchange greetings really puts everyone in a light, happy mood. I have a really good feeling about this week!

Stay tuned for the Ice Dance Qualifying event tomorrow! Good luck to all the dancers!!!!



cathyreed-japanApril 24, 2011

*An Event to Remember with Japan in our Hearts*


When my grandmother in Japan was alive, we exchanged letters via the old fashioned way: the mail, with my mother’s help of translating. Her words of wisdom always inspired me to better myself and spread happiness to others. One of her last letters was about sensibility, awareness of emotion and feeling. She told me that my letters to her were full of sensibility and that she was very proud.

I believe that everyone involved in this event will make this Moscow Worlds an event to remember — an event to remember Japan and the Japanese people. I believe I speak for all the figure skaters in saying a special thank you to the International Skating Union, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the Figure Skating Federation of Russia, and all others who have made this event possible. We will skate our hearts out and give strong, emotional performances.

Let’s enjoy, have fun, and skate our hearts out!!!!


=) Cathy Reed