2012 LPIDC Program Notebook – Junior

Short Dance

Group A

Anna Bolshem & Ronald Zilberberg (ISR) – “Minnie the Moocher” (black & neon green dress w/black gloves / neon green shirt and black pants) Smooth Blues pattern dance, but slight break in leg lines. She was skating with an injury and did her best to push through the second half of the program. TSS = 22.11 (TES 10.34 + PCS 11.77)

Alexandra Aldridge & Daniel Eaton (USA) – “Pennsylvania 6500” (Jazzy red dress / white shirt black pants & suspenders) Jazzy strong opening, fast midline step sequence and soulful Blues section. Love the way her dress moves. Looking very competition-ready this early in the season. TSS = 52.17 (TES 29.50 + PCS 22.67)

Chloe Rose Lewis & Logan Bye (USA) – “Only You” (black dress / white shirt black pants) Nice Blues section, they seemed very comfortable. Got a little tight in the jazz section. Smaller team in size, will need to work on looking big on the ice. TSS =
32.63 (TES 17.64 + PCS 14.99)

Julia Biechler & Damian Dodge (USA) – “Go Big Daddy” & “Minnie the Moocher” (pink dress / white shirt black pants) First impression of this new team is that they are very well matched. He does a great job presenting her. Really nice midline step sequence. Both have nice expression out to the audience. TSS = 30.89 (TES 17.78 + PCS 13.11)

Victoria Hasegawa & Connor Hasegawa (CAN) – “Kiss Me Deadly” (black dress / black pants and shirt, white tie, black & white striped jacket) Some beautiful deep edges in the Blues pattern. Unison and timing just seemed slightly off throughout the program. Would love to see his jacket turned into a vest to accentuate his lines. Have made improvements with expression during the off season. TSS = 43.10 (TES 25.22 + PCS 17.88)

Tatiana Kozmava & Alexander Zolotarev (GEO) – “Minnie the Moocher & Sing, Sing, Sing” (pink dress / white shirt, black tie and pants) New partnership representing Georgia. Didn’t quite look comfortable with their program yet. Skated a little tentatively, with a few slight bobbles. Costumes were a little mismatched and his shirt kept riding up, which was slightly distracting. Would expect to see them improve throughout the season as they get more comfortable. TSS = 24.92 (TES 14.29 + PCS 10.63)

Courtney Baay & Nick Toth (CAN) – “Feeling Good” (purple dress / white shirt black pants) Nice Blues pattern, edges were a little bit shaky. Good unison in the circular no-touch step sequence. Seemed very comfortable with the choreography and elements in the program and will need to work on expressing out to the audience. TSS = 32.22 (TES 19.07 + PCS 13.15)

Madeline Edwards & ZhaoKai Pang (CAN) – “Gotta Do Right” (Red dress / black vest and pants, white shirt and spats) Very nice packaging for this team. The costumes and hair, everything was just right. Sultry Blues section. She had great expression and nice body line. He presented her very well. Quick Jazzy section, but she lost a bit of her line and might want to work on relaxing her shoulders in that section. A great overall program. TSS = 47.99 (TES 27.56 + PCS 20.43)

Audrey Croteau-Villeneuve & Dominic Barthe (CAN) – “Sweet Dreams” & “Sing, Sing, Sing” (pink dress / blue jacket gray pants) Had a sense of maturity and a nice smooth skating quality. Seemed very comfortable with each other and related well on the ice. A few slight bobbles in the circular step sequence and twizzles probably cost them a few placements. TSS = 31.14 (TES 15.14 + PCS 16.00)

Lauren Collins & Danny Seymour (CAN) – “Bei Mir Bist du Schoen” (red dress with yellow polka dots / green pants and argyle vest) Costumes probably shouldn’t have gone together, but somehow, it did work. Great job relating to each other and expressing out to the audience. Fun and upbeat program, which included a midline no-touch that stayed very close together. TSS = 40.02 (TES 23.94 + PCS 16.08)

Whitney Miller & Kyle MacMillan (USA) – “Beggin” (green and brown dress / brownish pants black shirt with red design) Nice transition from the novice level. They had good ice coverage, just need to work on speed and power. Fun hip hop style. She looked a little more comfortable than him in some sections. He does present her well. I had some trouble matching up the style of the costumes to the program. TSS = 41.77 (TES 24.35 + PCS 17.42)

Rachel Parsons & Michael Parsons (USA) – “4 Minutes” (black dress, beaded top, fringe skirt / black shirt and pants) Both of them really got into the Hip Hop style and expressed it well. Good Blues pattern. Struggled a bit with the twizzles and had a rough put down on their rotational spin. TSS = 43.43 (TES 25.22 + PCS 18.21)

Group B

Lorraine McNamara & Quinn Carpenter (USA) –” Ram a Lam a” (black, gray & fuchsia dress / black, gray and white suit) Zombies! An unfortunate mistake on the twizzles was the only negative to this wonderful program. The skaters clearly embraced the characters and took ownership from the opening pose to the finale bows. Very fun number! Can’t wait to see how much it improves by Nationals. TSS = 44.60 (TES = 23.55 + PCS = 22.05)

Melinda Meng & Andrew Meng (CAN) – “Bang Bang She Shot Me” (black top with black and silver bubble skirt / black hoodie, white t-shirt, black pants) Nice interpretation of the Blues, but leg lines slightly off. Twizzles off, but nice recovery into a tight midline step sequence. Both skaters need to commit to the hip hop and skate it a bit looser. TSS = 36.81 (TES = 18.21 + PCS = 18.60)

Mackenzie Reid & Christian Erwin (USA) – “Let me Love You” “Lose Control” (purple dress / black shirt and pants) Nice soft Blues section, but they need to express more. Lost a little steam in the second half hip hop section, will need to work on stamina to finish stronger as the season progresses. TSS = 31.50 (TES = 16.43 + PCS = 16.07)

Isabel Sneider & Alexander Strupinski – “Will you Still Love me Tomorrow” “Crazy in Love” (blue, black and silver dress / black shirt and pants) Nice flow throughout the Blues. Dancey second half, with an unfortunate fall in transition. Looked a bit rough, but some nice potential. TSS = 26.14 (TES = 14.36 + PCS = 13.78)

Noa Bruser & Timothy Lum (CAN)- “Save my Soul” (purple dress with yellow ribbon / white suit, purple shirt, yellow tie) They skate so close together. Very confident and expressive throughout the whole program. Looked strong for an early season event. TSS = 46.38 (TES = 25.36 + PCS = 21.02)

Johanna Allik & Paul Bellantuono (EST) – “Don’t Mess with my Man” (purple and black dress / purple and black shirt, black pants) Solid start. I love how she sings along to the music. Both are very into the program. Nice transition into the Blues section. TSS = 42.67 (TES = 23.35 + PCS = 19.32)

Madeline Heritage & Nathaniel Fast (USA) – “Call Me” (black dress with silver belt / black shirt and pants) Very sultry Blues. They relate so well to each other. Beautiful rotational lift. She has some really nice positions throughout the choreography. An unfortunate music problem stops the program for a few minutes. Trouble on the twizzles after they restarted. TSS = 41.08 (TES = 20.50 + PCS = 20.58)

Stacey Siddon & Jared Weiss (USA) – “Save my Soul” (orange and pink dress / ivory shirt, gray pants and pink suspenders) Really enjoyed the flow between the jazzy and blues section. Very nice smiles throughout the whole program. Had some trouble with the twizzles. TSS = 34.33 (TES = 16.03 + PCS = 18.30)

Caelen Dalmer & Shane Firus (CAN) – “I Got a Woman” (purple dress with a red bow / white shirt and black pants) Nice interpretation of the Blues pattern. Very solid, strong elements. A fun jazzy program. Really enjoyed it. TSS = 43.94 (TES = 22.93 + PCS = 21.01)

Sara Aghai & Jussiville Partanen (FIN) – “Trouble” (gray and silver dress / black and white striped shirt, black pants) Yay for using Elvis! Nicely matched team with a good, solid performance. Other than a slip in the twizzles, the elements were skated well. Looking forward to seeing how they progress throughout the season. TSS = 39.98 (TES = 20.22 + PCS = 19.76)

Hannah Rosinski & Jacob Jaffe (USA) – Blues/”Runaway Baby” (aqua dress / light blue shirt, black pants) Looked to be very confident and comfortable with their program. Nice speed from beginning to end and they held their character throughout. Finished a little bit behind the music. TSS = 38.88 (TES = 20.22 + PCS = 18.66)

Carolane Soucisse & Simon Tanguay (CAN) – “As Time Goes By” (mauve dress / white jacket, shirt, black bow tie, black pants) Had a very classic look to them. Nice presentation on the ice. Unfortunately, they struggled in the midline no-touch section, but recovered well to finish up strong. TSS = 38.86 (TES = 20.50 + PCS = 19.36)

Group C

Haili Moyer & Aaron Chapplain (CAN) – “My Momma Done Told Me” & “Jailhouse Rock” (fuchsia dress / black & fuchsia shirt, black pants) Leg lines off a little bit in the Blues pattern. Jazzy section was very upbeat and they had nice smiles/expression. Skated very controlled, might want to loosen up just a bit. TSS = 35.85 (TES = 20.13 + PCS = 15.72)

Rachel Brozina & Nicholas Taylor (USA) – “She’s so Cold” & “Kiss and Tell” (royal blue and black dress / royal blue shirt, black pants) Some loss of unison in the twizzles, but this new partnership has some good potential. Will just need time to get comfortable with each other and work on matching their extension and leg lines. TSS = 31.19 (TES = 18.08 + PCS = 13.11)
Bianka Gadosy & Benjamin Smyth (CAN) – “Do Right” (red and blue dress / white shirt, black vest and pants) Sultry blues, had very good chemistry on the ice. Nice speed in their Blues patterns. Really enjoyed this program. TSS = 42.72 (TES = 26.00 + PCS = 19.72)

Nicole Kuzmich & Jordan Hockley (CAN) – Blues/Hip Hop “Lady in my Life” (gold & bronze animal print skirt over leggings / gray suit, black t-shirt) Funky, retro club number. The costumes really fit the program. Lots of nice touches, keeping in character and interpreting the music. TSS = 43.02 (TES = 25.07 + PCS = 17.95)

Kaitlin Hawayek & Jean-Luc Baker (USA) – “Minnie the Moocher” & “Give Me Some Rhythm” (purple dress / gray shirt, black pants and suspenders) Skated very close together in the Blues pattern. A little problem in the twizzle section, possible level deduction. Very good speed throughout the whole program. Great job for this new partnership. TSS = 51.21 (TES = 29.25 + PCS = 21.96)

Elliana Pogrebinsky & Ross Gudis (USA) – Techno Hip Hop (black dress / black shirt and pants) Beautiful long leg lines. Nice stretch in the Blues patterns. Good timing and unison from start to finish. Equally strong partners. TSS = 44.69 (TES = 24.56 + PCS 20.13)

Nikolina Pakhomova & Brett Mueller – “Hey Big Spender” & “Give it Up” (black lace with fringe / black and white shirt, red shoulder pads, black pants) Costumes don’t quite seem to match with each other or the music. Stayed nice and close in the circular step sequence. New team, had some trouble with tracking each other and started to lose some speed and power at the end of their program. TSS = 32.81 (TES = 18.43 + PCS 14.38)

Holly Moore & Daniel Klaber (USA) – “Grease” medley (black dress / black leather vest, white t-shirt and jeans) They look like they are having so much fun out there, you can’t help but smile along with them. Smooth Blues patterns. Nice transition from the Novice level, really held their own out there. Good character development. TSS = 46.05 (TES = 25.29 + PCS = 20.76)

Mackenzie Bent & Garrett Mackeen (CAN) – “History is Made at Night” from TV’s “Smash” (white Marilyn Monroe dress / blue shirt, black pants) Very pretty Blues pattern dance section. Had a little trouble on the twizzles and the choreography started to get away from them towards the end. Good program, though, with a lot of potential. TSS = 46.27 (TES = 24.85 + PCS = 21.42)

Marina Barova & Allan Stoll (CAN)  – “Summertime” & Swing (purple dress / purple shirt, black pants) Really nice overall performance, maybe skated it a little tight, though. Timing was off slightly at the end of their midline no-touch and into the final pose. Looking forward to seeing this program as it progresses over the season. TSS = 37.95 (TES = 20.00 + PCS = 17.95)

Katie Desveaux & Dmitre Razgulajevs (CAN) – “Crazy Love” & “A Tisket, A Tasket” (black and silver dress / black and white shirt, black pants) Started with really cool twizzles in the attitude position. Enjoyed their positions and chemistry in the Blues patterns. Love to see more stretch in their upper body positions. TSS = 36.81 (TES = 20.27 + PCS = 17.54)

Free Dance

Group A

Amy Wang & Malcolm Jones (USA/CAN) – “Alouette” (yellow dress / blue shirt, black pants) Pretty choreography throughout the program. They have very nice chemistry between them on the ice. Not quite as solid as they need to be on the elements, but some good positions in the lifts. TSS = 42.55 (TES = 23.42 + PCS = 19.13)

Julia Biechler & Damian Dodge (USA) – “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory mix” (purple & pink dress / burgundy shirt, purple vest, pants) So impressed with how this team is coming together in such a short amount of time. They have very nice speed and presence on the ice. Strong lifts. They just need time to work on the basics, extension and edges. Looking forward to seeing how they progress. TSS = 48.54 (TES = 27.05 + PCS = 22.49)

Courtney Baay & Nick Toth (CAN) – “Tanguera” (red tango dress / black shirt, pants) Looked like they were focusing more on the elements and not quite able to express as much as they need to in a tango. Moments where they looked a lot more comfortable and you could see it starting to develop. Started to lose a bit of energy towards the end. TSS 45.28 (TES = 25.69 + PCS = 20.59)

Anna Bolshem & Ronald Zilberberg (ISR) – “Pink Panther” (pink and black dress / black and gray shirt, black pants) Based on the short dance, I think she is skating with an injury. Maintained nice positions in the spin. A few small mistakes in the diagonal step sequence. Unfortunate fall on the rotational spin. Some nice moments in the program and they were really feeling the music. TSS = 35.37 (TES = 20.04 + PCS 17.33)

Madeleine Rutledge & Tyler Brooks (USA) – “Tango” (red tango dress / white shirt, black vest and black pants) She has beautiful extension and toe points in their lifts and spins. Nicely matched new partnership, with good potential. Happy to have them both here competing, as their training is in Colorado and was greatly disrupted by the wildfires. TSS = 48.41 (TES = 28.53 + PCS 21.88)

Whitney Miller & Kyle MacMillan (USA) – “Classical Ballet mix” (teal blue and burgundy dress / ivory shirt, burgundy vest and black pants) Struggled a little bit with controlling the lifts. Very nice interpretation of the music. She is very expressive. Novice team last season, will continue to grow and adjust to being juniors. TSS = 58.97 (TES = 31.25 + PCS = 27.72)

Kaitlin Hawayek & Jean-Luc Baker (USA) – “Singing in the Rain” (light blue dress / gray suit, white shirt and tie) Great to see him back competing. Really nice job for this new team, getting into character and relating well to each other on the ice. Solid elements, just a few very small spacing issues that I’m sure will be cleaned up after spending more time together. TSS = 66.85 (TES = 34.15 + PCS = 32.70)

Victoria Hasegawa & Connor Hasegawa (CAN) – “Memoirs of a Geisha” (black and pink dress / black shirt, black pants) Beautiful choreography in this program. They were feeling the music and she skated with her whole body. Maybe a few level issues on their elements and they lost some energy towards the end of the program, finishing a bit behind the music. TSS = 56.77 (TES = 26.69 + PCS = 30.08)

Audrey Croteau-Villeneuve & Dominic Barthe (CAN) – “Romeo & Juliet” (soft pink dress / blue shirt, black pants) Such a beautiful, soft quality to their skating. Scary put down following an interesting change of position lift. I loved their music cuts, thought they went very well together. Unfortunate fall during transition. TSS = 54.75 (TES = 28.07 + PCS 28.68)

Melinda Meng & Andrew Meng (CAN) – “Mic Mac, French movie” (burgundy, gray dress / white shirt, gray pants) Seemed much more comfortable with the free dance, as opposed to their short dance. Nice solid elements, performed very well. Would love to see them start working on expressing out more towards the audience. TSS = 61.24 (TES = 32.01 + PCS 29.23)

Chloe Rose Lewis & Logan Bye (USA) – “The Artist” (blue flapper dress with headband / white shirt, black pants) Foot down in the twizzle section. Maintained nice speed throughout the spin. Solid lifts, done well. Some nice expressions from both of them. Young team and still small in stature, but definitely holding their own in junior and getting some great experience. TSS = 52.17 (TES = 31.69 + PCS = 26.48)

Rachel Parsons & Michael Parsons (USA) – “Classical ballet” (seafoam green dress / black shirt, black pants) Nearly perfect twizzle sequence, with great spacing, unison and speed. Strong and confident in their lifts. A very solid overall performance. TSS = 63.84 (TES 34.01 + PCS 32.83)

Group B

Sara Aghai & Jussiville Partanen (FIN) – “Middle Eastern music” (red, gold, blue dress / gold shirt, black pants) Good interaction with each other. Solid elements that were skated well. Just looks like they need some time to develop the program. TSS = 57.94 (TES = 30.85 + PCS = 28.09)

Lauren Collins & Danny Seymour (CAN) – “Midnight in Paris” (black dress / gray shirt, black vest, black pants) This is such a nice partnership. They are so aware of each other on the ice. The lifts look effortless. Footwork sequence done to can-can music, but the speed of the footwork did not match up with the fast music. TSS = 59.18 (TES = 33.05 + PCS = 26.13)

Carolane Soucisse & Simon Tanguay (CAN) – “Tango” (shiny, red satin dress / black shirt, black pants) Nice speed going into their twizzles, well done. Had some trouble on two of their lifts and had to abort one of them. Strong transitions between the elements. Ran out of stamina towards the end. TSS = 51.64 (TES = 25.05 + PCS = 27.62)

Mackenzie Reid & Christian Erwin (USA) – “Tango” (black lace over red dress, gold trim / white shirt, black pants) This was a solid performance. The elements were skated well. Seemed to concentrate more on the choreography and the program lacked the passion needed for a Tango. TSS = 52.42 (TES = 27.92 + PCS = 24.50)

Noa Bruser & Timothy Lum (CAN) – “Pirates of the Caribbean” (burgundy with ivory lace dress / ivory shirt, vest, brown pants) Started off with some very fast twizzles. Great connection to each other and to the music. Used the ice very well, nice coverage. Unfortunately, the spin got a little bit away from them. TSS = 65.74 (TES = 33.63 + PCS = 33.11)

Madeline Edwards & ZhaoKai Pang (CAN) – “The Artist” (aqua dress / white shirt, black pants) They had a very soft quality to their skating. Looked so comfortable skating with each other, lots of eye contact throughout. Lovely extension in the spin. Very enjoyable program. TSS = 70.19 (TES = 38.27 + PCS = 32.92)

Johanna Allik & Paul Bellantuono (EST) – “Polovtsian Dances” (blue dress with gold trim / royal blue shirt, black pants) Good twizzle sequence to start. Beautiful position in the lift, with her standing on his boot. Some rough sections here and there, but they worked really hard to hang onto their elements. TSS = 56.00 (TES = 29.14 + PCS = 26.86)

Madeline Heritage & Nathaniel Fast (USA) – “Here Comes the Sun, Blackbird, Yesterday” (red and yellow dress / red shirt, black pants) Inventive lifts, performed very well. She gets her body into some very pretty positions. Oh no, they have another music problem and have to replace the CD. This is a beautiful program; they are just lacking some power to really push it out. TSS = 58.73 (TES = 31.58 + PCS = 28.15)

Isabel Sneider & Alexander Strupinski (POL) – “Spanish Guitar” (dark blue and lace dress / dark blue shirt, black pants) Timing was off at the end of their step sequence. They had nice lifts, but unfortunately, trouble on the spin may have lost them that element completely. Skated a bit tentatively throughout the whole program. TSS = 43.90 (TES = 23.36 + PCS = 20.54)

Hannah Rosinski & Jacob Jaffe (USA) – “Phantom of the Opera” (light blue dress / ivory shirt, gray vest, black pants) Trouble with the twizzles and they weren’t able to complete the sequence. Recovered well into a nice circular step sequence. Good expression and interpretation from both. Finished behind the music. TSS = 50.50 (TES = 22.52 + PCS = 27.98)

Caelen Dalmer & Shane Firus (CAN) – “Cats” (ivory dress, with gold trim and fur / black with gold trim) Solid circular footwork with just a slight stumble. Fun number, with some interesting lifts. They both looked like they were really enjoying the music and had great expression. TSS = 67.59 (TES = 34.47 + PCS = 33.12)

Lorraine McNamara & Quinn Carpenter (USA) – “Romeo and Juliet (in French)” (ivory dress / dark blue shirt, pants) They both feel the music well and express it beautifully. Very secure in all their elements. I’m not 100% sold on her dress however. It was almost too white and a bit too long. I felt it washed her out at times. It’s a lovely program though. TSS = 66.20 (TES = 34.40 + PCS = 32.80) 

Group C

Bianka Gadosy & Benjamin Smyth (CAN) – “Smile, Never Fully Dressed without a Smile” (Salmon dress / un-tucked white shirt, black tie, black pants) Nice unison in the twizzle sequence. Interesting balance lift. I thought it was a strong, solid performance. I’m not a fan of the un-tucked shirt, I think it takes away from the elegance of their skating. TSS = 56.72 (TES = 29.20 + PCS = 27.52)

Stacey Siddon & Jared Weiss (USA) – “Pirates of the Caribbean” (white blouse, burgundy vest, brown skirt, boots / white shirt, burgundy vest, brown pants, boots) Slipping off an edge at the start of their circular step sequence. Really nice hydroblade lift. Had some trouble with the twizzle section and ran out of energy at the end of the program. Love how they were so committed to the characters. TSS = 48.06 (TES = 26.70 + PCS = 23.36)

Nicole Kuzmich & Jordan Hockley (CAN) – “Memoirs of a Geisha” (gray and blue dress / gray and blue shirt, gray pants) Beautiful position in spread eagle lift. Nice spin for this well-matched team. They relate well to each other. Unfortunate fall on the twizzles. TSS = 53.21 (TES = 28.60 + PCS = 25.61)

Alexandra Aldridge & Daniel Eaton (USA) – “Fiddler on the Roof” (peachy pink dress / ivory shirt, green vest, black pants) Timing looked off for their opening lift and they had to abort it. Nice recovery into the circular step sequence. Twizzle section was very well done. I like their transitions. Wonderful program. TSS = 65.69 (TES = 32.14 + PCS 34.55)

Haili Moyer & Aaron Chapplain (CAN) CAN – “Latin mix” (deep blue dress / black shirt, black pants) Drifted apart in the twizzle section. Impressed with their speed in both step sequences. Trouble on the spin, but they were able to hang on to it. Definitely have a fast program, need to work on edges and those finer points within their skating. TSS = 47.40 (TES = 25.40 + PCS = 22.00)

Mackenzie Bent & Garrett Mackeen (CAN) – “Tango” (burgundy lace over black dress / burgundy shirt, black pants) Nice leg positions in their twizzles, need to tighten up the spacing between them. Good changes to position in the lift. Strong hydroblade lift. Fought to keep the spin going. Tough fall at the start of their circular step sequence. TSS = 63.34 (TES = 31.68 + PCS = 32.66)

Rachel Brozina & Nicholas Taylor (USA) – “Thoroughly Modern Millie” (hot pink and purple dress / hot pink shirt, black vest, black pants) Really cute interpretation of a Broadway number. They both had nice smiles and looked to be very comfortable with each other. Good potential in the program, just need time to develop. TSS = 39.67 TES = 18.80 + PCS = 21.87)

Katie Desveaux & Dmitre Razgulajevs (CAN) – “Once Upon a Time” (purple dress / purple shirt, gray sweater, gray pants) Nice unison in the twizzle section. They connect very well to each other. She has a beautiful smile and he’s a good partner, presenting her well. I had a tough time hearing any tempo change within the program, however. TSS = 64.93 (TES = 34.56 + PCS =30.37)

Holly Moore & Daniel Klaber (USA) – “Moulin Rouge” (purple dress / white shirt, black pants, suspenders) Nice synchronized twizzles. Had a fall in the circular step sequence. Overall a solid program, just a few rough moments here and there. TSS = 59.22 (TES = 30.58 PCS = 30.64)

Nikolina Pakhomova & Brett Mueller (USA) – “Gravity, Bound to You” (white sheer top and skirt over black leotard and leggings / white and gray shirt, black pants) Balance checks in the twizzles, able to hang on. Interesting behind-the-back rotational lift. I really wish I understood the theme behind their program. Just didn’t seem to be coming across to the audience. Need to work on expressing. TSS = 51.89 (TES = 27.80 + PCS = 25.09)

Marina Barova & Allan Stoll (CAN) – “Tango” (black, white and orange dress / black shirt, black pants) Interesting twizzles done in opposite directions to each other. Had a nice connection to each other and the audience. Lots of eye contact with the judges, drawing them into the program. TSS = 64.17 (TES = 32.50 + PCS = 32.67)

Elliana Pogrebinsky & Ross Gudis (USA) – “Classical Ballet” (pink and green dress / pink shirt, green jacket, pants) They have beautiful, long matching leg lines. Nice flow to the program, with good solid elements. Just a slight bobble on one of their lift landings. This music really suited them. TSS = 69.68 (TES = 35.84 + PCS = 33.84)