2012 LPIDC Program Notebook – Novice

Free Dance

Danielle Wu & Spencer Soo (CAN) – “Ragtime” (peach dress / gray shirt, black pants, suspenders) Opening spin had very good speed. Circular step sequence, well done. First twizzle set went a bit wonky, but good recovery. Pretty position in the straight-line lift. Solid mid-line no-touch step sequence. TSS = 47.22 (TES = 25.80 + PCS = 21.42)

Kimberly Berkovich & Micah Jaffe (USA) – “Chicago” (black dress, gloves / pinstripe shirt, black pants, suspenders) Started with a nice twizzle section. Good diagonal step sequence. Not able to maintain speed in the spin. Nice character development and interpretation of the music. TSS = 34.86 (TES = 18.77 + PCS = 17.09)

Ashlyn Gaughan & Cody Lithco – “Why Don’t you Do Right” (purple dress / purple shirt, black vest, pants) New partnership. Timing was off in the twizzles. Nice speed throughout the spin. Really need to work on toe point and straightening out their legs for a better line and extension. TSS = 33.36 (TES = 17.66 + PCS = 16.70)

Brianna Delmaestro & Graeme Gordon (CAN) – “Latin” (pink dress / black shirt, black pants) Had nice speed in the twizzles. Little slip in transition. Spin could be tightened up, but the mid-line step sequence was well done. Very nice lifts. I enjoyed this program. TSS = 44.69 (TES = 23.92 PCS = 20.72)

Sarah Feng & Anthony Ponomarenko (USA)– “Cats” (black and white animal print / brown and orange animal print) Acrobatic opening. Love how they both commit to their characters. She is really expressive. Good twizzles and nice speed in the spin. Strong lifts. Such a fun program, suited them really well. TSS = 45.12 (TES = 25.13 + PCS = 20.99)

Gigi Becker & Luca Becker (USA) – “Rio movie soundtrack” (blue, yellow and red dress / blue, yellow and red shirt, blue pants) Nice, strong lifts. Twizzles started off rough, but they fought to get them back in unison. Good speed in the step sequences. Looked very comfortable with this program. Nice energy from beginning to end. TSS = 45.14 (TES = 23.99 + PCS = 21.15)

Emily Wein & Bradley Lawrence (USA) – ” ? ” (green bodice, black and red dress / red shirt, black pants) Put a foot down during the lift. Slipped off an edge in the spin. Struggled in the twizzle section, but recovered into the step sequence. Unfortunately a rough outing for them, but they really fought their way through. TSS = 29.08 (TES = 14.25 + PCS = 17.83)

Lauren Leonesio & Quinn Chambers (USA) – “Lyrical piece” (purple dress / purple shirt, black pants) Couldn’t hold onto the twizzle and put a foot down. Good circular step sequence. Nice stretch and extension in their lifts. A very pretty program. Nice soft quality to their skating. TSS = 42.02 (TES = 22.92 + PCS = 19.10)

Katherine Gourianova & Alexander Petrov (USA) – “Paso” (red dress with black trim / black Paso outfit) Opening rotational lift had a lot of speed. Twizzles, well done. Nice low sit position in the spin. Lost some speed in the circular step sequence. Good interpretation and expression from both of them. TSS 44.95 (TES = 25.56 + PCS = 19.39)

Christina Carreira & Simon-Pierre Malette-Pacquette (CAN) – “I Will Wait for You” (white dress with light blue trim / light blue shirt, black pants) Nice change of positions in the straight line lift. Excellent twizzles, maintained unison, speed and distance between themselves. Timing was off just a bit to start the mid-line no-touch step sequence. Nice connection with each other. Soft landings from all their lifts. TSS = 53.47 (TES = 30.00 + PCS = 23.47)

Rebecca Lucas & Yan Kazansky (USA) – “Jazzy” (pink bodice, pink floral skirt / white shirt, black vest and pants) Nice job in the twizzles. Good speed maintained in the spin. Step sequence was a bit slow and tentative. Fun program, but they seemed to skate it very cautiously. TSS = 40.58 (TES = 22.42 + PCS = 19.16)

Sierra Chadwick & Alexander Martin (USA) – “Tango” (red dress / black shirt, black pants) Had a fall on the twizzles. Nice leg lines in the circular step sequence. Started rough, but gained confidence and strength as the program progressed. TSS = 43.77 (TES = 23.83 + PCS = 20.94)

Tory Patsis & Joe Johnson (USA) – “Tango” (burgundy dress / black shirt, black pants) Opened with some nice twizzles. Good spin. Timing and leg lines were off in the circular step sequence. Some shaky landings out of their lifts. New partnership. TSS = 42.16 (TES = 24.00 + PCS = 18.16)