2012 LPIDC Program Notebook – Senior

Short Dance

Group A

Federica Bernardi & Christopher Mior (ITA) – “Gone with the Wind” medley (white and green “Scarlett” dress / gray confederate suit with yellow trim) Nice twizzle sequence. Playful program with good energy. Smooth circular footwork. One-foot backwards low lift was nice. A solid performance. TSS = 40.18 (TES = 21.56 + PCS = 20.62)

Kristen Nardozzi & Nick Traxler (USA) – “Tennessee Waltz” (yellow and blue dress / white western shirt and blue jeans) Foot down in the twizzle sequence. Nice rotational lift with her foot to her head. Solid circular step sequence. Good energy and nice choice of music for them. TSS = 37.70 (TES = 17.43 + PCS 20.27)

Lynn Kriengkrairut & Logan Giulietti-Schmitt (USA) – “Ring of Fire” & “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (orange dress / black western shirt and black jeans) Very fast pattern on the Yankee Polka. Beautiful spread eagle lift. Might have lost a level with the twizzle sequence. Shaky towards the end of the mid-line no-touch step sequence. Great energy from beginning to end, though. TSS = 43.77 (TES = 19.79 + PCS 23.98)

Larissa Van As & Troy Shindle (CAN) – “Polka” (white blouse, green vest, red skirt / white shirt, brown short pants, lederhosen) Rough start with the twizzle sequence. Circular no-touch was a bit slow and skated tentatively. Fun watching their characters in the Yankee Polka. Cool one-armed rotational lift, he went up and down with her. Strong finish. TSS = 36.77 (TES = 17.93 + PCS = 18.84)

Alexandra Paul & Mitchell Islam (CAN) – “Edith Piaf” (black top, white skirt with black embroidery / black short sleeve shirt, black pants) Good unison in the step sequence. Fast change of position rotational lift. A little shaky on the twizzles. Started very strong, had a few bobbles near the end. TSS = 48.18 (TES = 24.85 + PCS = 23.33)

Alissandra Aronow & Collin Brubaker (USA) – “French Music” (yellow dress / black shirt, black pants) Slight bobble on twizzles. Smooth circular no-touch step sequence. Nice rotational lift with her wrapped around his blades. A little slow, but nicely done. TSS = 45.74 (TES = 24.21 + PCS 21.53)

Danielle Gamelin & Alex Gamelin (USA) – “Classical” (blue dress / blue shirt, dark blue jacket and pants) Nice spread eagle lift. Foot down on the twizzles and possibly a foot down towards the end of their step sequence. Good overall performance. Nice Senior debut for them. TSS = 36.05 (TES = 16.78 + PCS = 20.27)

Katherine Pilgrim & Alexander Lorello (USA) – “Polka” (white blouse, black vest, green skirt / white shirt, brown short pants, lederhosen) Good unison in their twizzle sequence. Fun spread eagle lift. Nice expressions throughout. Looked like they were having fun. Solid midline no-touch step sequence. TSS = 36.64 (TES = 18.64 + PCS = 18.00)

Gabriela Morrell Zucker & Andrejs Sitiks – “Polka” (pink and yellow dress / white shirt, gold vest, black pants) Missed blade catch on the twizzle. A little slow on the spread eagle curved lift. Drifting a bit far apart on the step sequence. Some nice moments within the program. New team, needs some time to come together. TSS = 29.92 (TES = 14.96 + PCS = 16.06)

Anastasia Cannuscio & Colin McManus (USA) – “Acceleration Waltz” (pink sherbet dress / ivory shirt, black pants) Nice speed on the Yankee Polka. Skating big and showing some power, along with nice expression. Very pretty one-arm rotational lift. Program gains speed to end. TSS = 48.90 (TES = 23.86 + PCS 25.04) 

Group B

Élisabeth Paradis & François-Xavier Ouellette (CAN) – “Come Away With Me ” (mauve dress / white shirt, blue pants) Really nice unison in twizzles. He stumbled a bit, but didn’t fall. Circular footwork was smooth. Fast Yankee Polka. A small stumble again right before the rotational lift. TSS = 39.16 (TES = 18.86 + PCS = 20.30)

Kseniya Ponomaryova & Oleg Altukhov – “Classical Mix” (yellow dress / black tux) Fast, smooth twizzles. A trip during the Yankee Polka sequence. Athletic, curved spread eagle lift. A little slow in the circular footwork. Program was very nice, slowed down a bit towards the end. TSS = 30.11 (TES = 15.28 + PCS = 14.83)

Isabella Cannuscio & Michael Bramante (USA) – “French Waltz & Can Can Mix” (red can can dress / gray shirt with red tie, black pants) Great twizzles. Smooth, midline footwork section. Fun Yankee Polka, with lots of expression. High energy! TSS = 44.19 (TES = 23.57 + PCS = 20.62)

Bryna Oi & Taiyo Mizutani (JPN) – “Polka” (burgandy dress / white shirt, black vest and pants) Twizzles good, just a bit far apart. A few stumbles. Solid spread eagle lift with change of position. Nice distance maintained in the circular step sequence, not sure if their stumble will be counted as a fall. A little rough towards the end. TSS = 33.34 (TES = 15.93 + PCS = 17.41)

Madison Chock & Evan Bates (USA) – “Cirque du Soleil style” (blue, orange, purple dress with ruffled neck / black tux) Cute intro, where she mime’s walking a tight rope and falling into his arms. Circular step sequence was well done. Fast twizzles in good unison. Very nice one armed rotational lift. Looking very solid early in the season. TSS = 54.44 (TES = 27.50 + PCS = 26.94)

Ginna Hoptman & Pavel Filchenkov (USA) USA – “Classical Mix” (pink dress / gray shirt, black pants) Started with good twizzle sequence. Nice unison throughout the circular step sequence. Smooth, quick Yankee Polka. Pretty position in the split rotational lift. Very nice overall program. TSS = 42.91 (TES = 21.36 + PCS 21.55)

Jazz Smyl Joly & Nicholas Jesionek (CAN) – “Sunrise, Sunset” (burgundy dress / cream shirt, brown pants and boots) unfortunately, they just didn’t seem to have their feet under them for this performance. Started with a step out of the twizzle sequence and he had to put her down early out of the spread eagle curved lift. A few bobbles in the circular step sequence. TSS = 26.63 (TES = 11.76 + PCS = 14.87)

Carter Jones & Richard Sharpe (GBR) – “Edelweiss & Lonely Goatherd” (light blue dress with yellow trim / black shirt, black pants) Good unison in the twizzle section. Circular step sequence, done well, but a bit slow. Very nice Yankee Polka pattern. Had some trouble exiting the split rotational lift. Great expression and good start for this new team. They match well and just need to work on those level calls. TSS = 39.89 (TES = 18.07 + PCS = 21.82)

Anastasia Olson & Keiffer Hubbell (USA) – “My Fair Lady Medley” (white dress / black tux) Started with nice twizzles. Very fast rotational spin. Smooth midline step sequence. Very nice program for another new team, beautiful expression. TSS = 47.17 (TES = 22.72 + PCS = 24.44)

Nicole Orford & Thomas Williams (CAN) – “Western Mix” (jean bodice with white ruffle skirt / red shirt, jeans) Twizzle sequence done nice and fast. Already showing great speed to start the program. Smooth transition into the Yankee Polka. Good change of position rotational lift. Fun energy with the midline no-touch step sequence. Really enjoyed their musical interpretation of this number. TSS = 50.57 (TES = 25.93 + PCS 24.64)

Free Dance

Group A

Gabriela Morrell Zucker & Andrejs Sitiks  – “Chicago Medley” (purple dress / black shirt, black pants) Twizzle sequence was out of unison. Rotational and spread eagle lift done well. Diagonal step sequence and spin were slow. Unfortunate stumble in the circular step sequence. New partnership, need some time to clean up their elements. TSS = 45.08 (TES = 24.07 + PCS = 22.01)

Carter Jones & Richard Sharpe (GBR) – “Blues” (red dress / black shirt, black pants) Nice straight line lift, athletic over the head skill. Smooth diagonal step sequence. Slightly out of unison to start the twizzles. She has nice flexibility in the spread eagle curved lift. Struggled just a little towards the end of the program. Nicely matched team. TSS = 66.86 (TES = 36.92 + PCS = 30.94)

Nicole Orford & Thomas Williams (CAN) – “Ballroom mix” (periwinkle blue dress / white shirt, silver vest, black pants) Smooth transitions between their elements. They keep speed and flow throughout the program. Really strong lifts. Skating with a lot of confidence. Good interpretation of the music, excellent program. TSS = 78.77 (TES = 43.69 + PCS =36.08)

Federica Bernardi & Christopher Mior (ITA) – “Yentl” (lavender dress / lavender shirt, gray pants) Good speed, strong lifts. She is very expressive. Lost some speed in the spin. They skate very close to each other. Smooth program. TSS = 68.57 (TES = 36.62 + PCS = 31.95)

Lynn Kriengkrairut & Logan Giulietti-Schmitt (USA) – “Turning Tables, Rumour Has It” (purple and pink dress / purple shirt, black vest, black pants) Beautiful backwards curved lift. Upside down lift, he is in spread eagle holding onto one of her feet. Great positions in all their lifts and spin. Very good program. TSS = 78.27 (TES = 41.80 + PCS 36.47)

Danielle Gamelin & Alex Gamelin (USA) – “Flamenco” (red dress with gold trim / red and gold shirt, black pants) Foot down on the twizzles will result in loss of level. Very nice combination lift. Strong overall lifts. Slowed down in the step sequences. Good performance, solid program. TSS = 59.29 (TES = 29.59 + PCS = 29.70)

Alissandra Aronow & Collin Brubaker (USA) – “Tango” (black lace dress / black shirt, black pants) They have a nice, long leg line and look good together. Very nice interpretation of the music. Good flow and speed across the ice. Couple of little stumbles here and there. TSS = 67.10 (TES = 33.87 + PCS = 34.23)

Katie Donaldson & Brock Jacobs (USA) – (red and black dress / black shirt, black pants) Struggled through most of their elements. Had a nice spin. Will need some time to develop this program and work on improving their level calls. TSS = 33.81 (TES = 14.13 + PCS = 19.68)

Isabella Cannuscio & Michael Bramante (USA) – “The Artist” (black and white fringe dress / black and white shirt, black pants) Strong opening for this brand new partnership. Great matching twizzles and rotational lift. Nice musical timing and kept up the energy throughout the program. Both had excellent expression and looked like they were having fun. TSS = 63.77 (TES = 34.08 + PCS = 31.69)

Larissa Van As & Troy Shindle (CAN) – “Bye Bye Love, Put Your Head on my Shoulder” (black dress with white polka dots / t-shirt and jeans) Nice expression and good interpretation of the music. Unfortunate fall in transition. Picked up speed as the program progressed, will need to work on making that consistent throughout. Cute program. TSS = 58.22 (TES = 31.63 + PCS = 27.59)

Ginna Hoptman & Pavel Filchenkov (USA) – “Love Story” (lavender dress / gray shirt, black pants) Twizzles were a little out of unison. She has beautiful expression. Slip on the diagonal step sequence. Very nice, confident lifts. Overall, a good program. Just a few bobbles here and there. TSS = 65.21 (TES = 35.55 + PCS 29.66)

Anastasia Olson & Keiffer Hubbell (USA) – “Michael Jackson medley” (black dress with silver belt / white t-shirt, black pants) Strong twizzles. Issue with the timing of the lift and he had to set her back down. Spin lost some speed. Really nice energy, good expression and dance moves. Fun program. TSS = 69.62 (TES = 34.09 + PCS = 35.53) 

Group B

Sara Hurtado & Adria Diaz (ESP) – “Little Wing (Stevie Ray Vaughan)” (burgundy dress / black shirt, black pants) Fall in transition at the beginning of the program. Twizzles, well done. Creative positions on lifts and spin. Both fell at the very end on their choreographic lift. Very rough program. TSS = 63.92 (TES = 37.39 + PCS = 30.53)

Katherine Pilgrim & Alexander Lorello (USA) – “techno Carmen” (red and black dress / black paso outfit) Solid opening, getting into character. Good twizzle section. She is very expressive. Step sequence could use more speed. Overall, a little rough but they pushed through it. Clean elements and a solid program. TSS = 54.93 (TES = 30.48 + PCS = 26.45)

Alexandra Paul & Mitchell Islam (CAN) – “Ballroom mix, ragtime(?)” (purple dress / ivory shirt, black vest, black pants) His cufflink got caught in her skirt on the rotational lift, slight delay in setting her down. Spin was a bit scratchy. Very nice twizzles. Smooth step sequences with nice edges. Final lift was off balance from the start and ended in a scary fall for both of them. TSS 64.23 (TES = 32.41 + PCS = 34.63)

Jazz Smyl Joly & Nicholas Jesionek (CAN) – “Footloose” (purple top, white ruffle skirt / white t-shirt, blue jeans) Elements were executed well, but they didn’t seem very confident in their performance. Lost energy at the end of the program. TSS = 44.13 (TES = 22.87 + PCS = 23.26)

Kseniya Ponomaryova & Oleg Altukhov – “Gladiator” (purple dress / gray gladiator shirt, black pants) They have wonderful expression and musical timing. Struggled with their lifts and overall, could use a lot more speed. TSS = 37.23 (TES = 16.99 + PCS = 21.24)

Élisabeth Paradis & François-Xavier Ouellette (CAN) – “Rock ‘n Roll/Pink Floyd medley” (white dress / white shirt, black pants) Interesting choreography. Nice entrance into the spin. Creative positions with their lifts, but they struggled with some of the landings. They had good movement over the ice. TSS =67.61 (TES = 38.42 + PCS = 32.19)

Kristen Nardozzi & Nick Traxler (USA) – “Sgt. Pepper” (lavender dress / lavender shirt, black pants) Nice opening lift and twizzles. Both have great expression. Step sequences were a bit slow. Lots of confidence in the lifts. Really good program. TSS = 69.00 (TES = 39.58 + PCS = 31.42)

Madison Chock & Evan Bates (USA) – “Dr. Zhivago” (light blue dress / ivory peasant shirt, black pants) Fantastic twizzles. Very creative lifts. They look so much more comfortable with each other. Nice program, excellent performance. TSS = 80.32 (TES = 42.49 + PCS = 40.83)

Bryna Oi & Taiyo Mizutani (JPN) – “Flamenco” (red with black dress / white shirt, black vest, black pants) Unison issue on the twizzles. Lifts were strong and maintained good speed. Step sequences were slow. Nice expression. TSS = 62.02 (TES = 32.26 + PCS = 29.76)

Anastasia Cannuscio & Colin McManus (USA) – “Comanche, Please Mr. Jailer, Jailhouse Rock” (black practice skirt / black shirt, black pants) Nice job setting the mood and getting into character from the starting choreography. Interesting rotational spin, slightly out of unison in the twizzles. Looked very confident. Strong and fast throughout the program. TSS = 77.92 (TES = 41.27 + PCS = 37.65)