2013 JGP Minsk Blog: Back in the USA


And we’re back… After making it through customs and three different security mashes, we are just relaxing at the Chicago Ohare airport waiting for our final connecting flight. We’ve been going since 2 am this morning as far as traveling goes. The traveling process has been easy, just a bit tedious. Wishing for our baggage to make it all the way back to Colorado Springs with us. 

What a week! Couldn’t have traveled with a better team. Laurie Johnson (team leader) was phenomenal as was Dr. Schlecht, and the skaters were all so supportive of one another. Definitely an amazing group of people, and I can’t imagine who else I would’ve wanted to spend it with. I can’t believe Tory and I had the honor of representing the United States, and can’t wait to do it again!

Thanks for the support this week, and for paying attention to our two cents whenever we had a chance to throw it in. Thanks ice-dance.com for the opportunity to blog. 

Until next time, goodbye from America!