2013 JGP Minsk Blog: Tory’s Turn

Hi – Tory here!

I have to catch up a little bit since I’ve been having Joe do the majority of the blogging. It’s Friday here in Belarus, and we just finished having breakfast at the hotel. Joe and I don’t compete today so the plan is to cheer on our friends! Maddie and Max will be competing their long tonight, as well as Polina and Barbie competing their free skates. Best of luck to my teammates! Joe and I completed one free dance practice today, followed by lunch with our coach Patti at the Saloon. I had salmon with veggies, it was delicious! I have to admit I was a little nervous about the food choices here in another country. On our way back we saw some interesting sights of many cars parked on sidewalks… Lol. 



Well it’s time to catch the 6:30 bus, catch ya later Belarus!