2013 JGP Slovakia Blog: Can’t wait for the short!

Well I don’t think Devin wants to hear my ukulele anymore, so I guess I’ll focus on my blog.

Slovakia, how may I compare thee to a summers day? Well… I can’t really since the highest temperature has been 65F. Fortunately, that was today as Holly, Mrs. Moore, Massimo and I went on an adventure today. We started out with the outdoor market where we picked up some needless nicknacks and doodads and Holly started longingly at a gorgeous fur coat for like three minutes.

After we spoiled ourselves with local goods we venture farther into the town center. We passed by some beautiful fountains and visited the entrance to this underground theater/bar thing that’s made out of the catacombs (it was closed though).

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After we visited the church(where I’m pretty sure we accidentally interrupted a tour) we found a cafe and got some coffee. Holly and I both got Capachinos but they accidentally gave me an espresso. Holly got the right drink and it was all fancy and stuff. I got really excited for mine when I told the waiter I got the wrong drink. Unfortunately, I was a little let down when they gave me mine and it was just a normal drink(Obviously the customer isn’t right here). Nevertheless, the coffee was still really good and only like 2 dollars.

Massimo and I managed to find probably the best pizza place in town today and each slice is only 1 euro! That’s like a buck twenty! Can we talk about this for a second! The food here is awesome and its really cheap! I can’t be the only one excited about this!?

Feeling full and having seen the town we decided it was time for a nap before practice. Unfortunately, that meant we would miss Barbie and Karen’s short, but it’s ok cause they did awesome and Karen dominated!

Practice was great! It’s always fun to show off a little sneak peek of our freedance for the judges (even though the practice rink is really small). Practice isn’t the same as last year. We’re definitely on some of our competitors radars. Practice got a little aggressive, but Holly and I didn’t waver (unless they had the right of way).

After practice we got to sit back and watch Devin and Chelsea, and Nikita and Katie kick butt in their first international programs. I think both of them should really be proud.

After their event we waited around for a bit and grabbed some dinner. I swear this food is getting better everyday! After which most of us watched Shotaro and screamed our heads off. Sadly, we have an early morning tomorrow and and Nix skated pretty late so we weren’t able to watch. I guess that’s the price we pay for getting to sleep in the past two days.

Ok, I’m off to bed(well maybe another level of Candy Crush). Can’t wait for the short tomorrow!

~ Daniel