2013 JGP Slovakia Blog: Free dance & cabbages!

cabbageI got a cabbage… No really, for all of the medalists they had these cabbages. And it was really really strange.

So today’s morning wasn’t as bad as yesterday’s. I woke up around 6:30. No need for any ninja shenanigans cause Devin was already awake. So I went through the morning routine of breakfast, shower, etc. and then had to work on my hair. My goal and product was a Latin look with a hint of 8th grader wearing a little too much Axe Body Spray.

The practice this morning felt great despite that it was basically a war zone-but you know, Americans move for no one . In fact I think that since we were battling for the right of way help me not worry about all the little things.

I was blatantly unaware of the fact that we actually had time to go back to the hotel before the event. It really hit me that we were almost done when I walked in on Devin packing. I got most of my things packed and had a nice nap before the event.

Getting to the rink, warming up, changing and everything kind of became a blur. I just noticed before we got on that we were about to actually compete our freedance!!!!! GAHHHHH!

It was amazing. The best I’ve ever felt on the ice before. Everything was so comfortable and just flowed from one thing to the next. I did begin to feel a little winded at the start of the circular but the sun started to shiny onto the ice and it really gave me the boost I needed.

The rest of the day was surreal. It’s quite amazing to go from middle of the pack last year to international medalists. I’m still really trying to grasp it.

The only highlight after that really was my fabulous hair during the men’s long program.

13jgpsvk-daniel-rachel  13jgpsvk-teamusa

So now I’m in the lobby with everyone waiting for our 3 am bus to the airport. See ya soon Detroit!

– Daniel