2013 JGP Slovakia Blog: Novice Champs Reunion

Well I finally have a minute to sit down and wifi in the same place. The 4 flights out weren’t as bad as I thought they would be, however, the sparkles that spelled PINK on Holly’s butt stopped us at every security checkpoint. Fun fact: half of our entire competition flew in on only two flights, one from Vienna and one from Prague.

The hotel is really nice (even though our bathroom is larger than the rest of the room). The breakfast here is awesome and since its downstairs I don’t really need to get dressed. I just need sweat pants. The whole team got together last night and had a fun dinner and sang happy birthday for Barbie. Fun fact: three of the four 2012 Novice National champs are here (Us, Devin/Chelsea, and Karen).

It didn’t take me long to find the H&M in the mall across the street. I could almost smell it from my hotel room. So a few of us took a little adventure over that way and after two new shirts and only losing Nikita once I’d say it was it was a success.


The rink at Steel Arena is HUGE! Massimo says that it’s nicer than some senior B rinks. When we first walked in we spotted the seats up top spelling out Arena and didn’t really get why it was there until 12 hours later we saw the other side that side Steel. We thought it might just be in case you forget where you were.

Practice ice was really good today. It’s boosted our confidence as well. We can’t wait to show ISU what we got. Unfortunately, we have one more day until we compete. We drew 11th today making us first in the second warm up and the Parsons drew 12th.

What else haven’t I talked about yet? Lets see… The food is really good, the locker rooms are huge and smell like Bon fires, the rinks only a ten minute walk away, so pretty much everything here is awesome. I can’t believe that like a week ago we were sitting at home like “what is Kosice? Is that really a place? Like does anyone even know how to say it(KO-sheet-sa so I’ve been told).

~ Daniel