2013 JGP Slovakia Blog: Square Toilets and the Morning Ninja

jgpsvk-blog3-1So something I’ve been forgetting to mention is that the toilets in our rooms are square. And that really bothers me. No one’s backside is that shape. And if yours is, you might want to Google that or talk to your doctor. Just stay away from WebMD because it will tell you you have cancer and you were supposed to die two hours ago.

Well today started off pretty slow—really good, but slow. I was up at 5:15 because it’s impossible for me to take a quick shower any time before 7. So after my long shower and incredible ninja skills in not waking up Devin, we got on the 6:10 bus to the rink. And since breakfast started at 6, Daniel was not a happy camper.

Our practice was great! I really enjoy having a full practice with music, instead of just a twenty minute warmup. It really helps me settle into the ice and the music.

Finally, we were able to get to breakfast. Holly and I skated off the ice all slow and calm-like and as soon as our guards were on, we ran to the locker rooms and changed. We jumped on the second bus and made it back to the hotel. Holly went straight to the dining hall, whereas I wanted to drop my things in my room. Unfortunately, one Michael Parsons couldn’t walk up the stairs one floor to breakfast. He took the elevator with me and proceeded to press every floor between the 3rd and 8th floor… Thanks bud.

jgpsvk-blog3-2All of that was forgotten (until now) once I had food sitting in front of me. Yet another scrumptious breakfast inspired me. I’m going to start making a similar one at home.

So after shower, ninja time, practice, a twenty-minute elevator ride, breakfast, and a nap, we were off for the competition. Holly and I walked into the rink with our heads held high. We stayed in our zone as we warmed up and radiated vibes of confidence. We knew that we had worked on what we needed to and our bodies knew what to do. Sure enough, we were right.

It’s quite a large step from being 8th after the short dance at JGP Chourchevel last year to being 4th after the short with the second highest component score here. It really has put us in a great place both physically and mentally for our free dance tomorrow.

After the draw where the Parsons drew 18th and we drew 19th, the team USA dancers left the rink with our heads high, proud to both be in the last warmup group.

After a quick stop in my room for a charge of clothes, Massimo and I headed back to our little pizza place for lunch. Five euro for three large, fresh slices of pizza and two water bottles. I really could just stay here for another week or so with how cheap and delicious the food is here. Massi and I ate outside the little pizza shop and people-watched for a while. It’s nice to sit back and pretend you’re on vacation sometimes… That is, until you see a giant advertisement of people using their feet to talk on the phone.

jgpsvk-blog3-3 jgpsvk-blog3-4

Of course when Massi and I were left to our own devices, we both voted for the mall. We stopped in all the apparel stores and tried some things on. I fell in love with a very expensive messenger bag that Massi had to rip me away from. But it’s ok. I got my revenge when he began obsessing over a pair of outrageously expensive leather shoes.

Basically the rest of my day after that was sitting in my room watching more skating, playing Candy Crush, and playing with my ukulele. None of which is really anything you’d really care to hear about… Unless you do want to hear about all the weird things I do, but that’s a story for another time and a completely different website.

– Daniel