2013 LPIDC Program Notebook – Novice

Free Dance

Karina Manta & Jonathan Thompson – The Godfather (?)

Nice unison in the twizzles to start. Pretty position in the straightline lift and nice stretch in the spin. Midline step sequence maintained speed throughout. Great attention to details and expression. 52.62

Sarah Feng & Anthony Ponomarenko – Race Car theme

Midline step sequence had nice spacing between them. Strong lifts, spin well done and twizzle set was in unison. Positions showcased beautiful stretch and flexibility. Little slip in the diagonal step sequence. Cool program, but difficult to express. 58.56

Gigi Becker & Luca Becker – Bee Gees 

Started off on a positive note, cute little nod to the judges in their straight line lift. Nice dance moves in their transitional skating. Had trouble with some of their elements, not sure if it was nervousness or overexcitement. Unfortunate, because it’s a good program for them and they never gave up on it. 40.28

Kylie Mann & Wolfgang Ebersole – Moondance/Feeling Good

Spin maintained nice speed throughout. Good low position on the straightline lift. Didn’t look very comfortable in the step sequence, lots of concentrating on the footwork, resulted in it appearing slow and stumbly. Foot down in the twizzles will result in a lower level called. Some nice moments, but needs time to develop. 37.67

Payten Howland & Jason Cohn – An American in Paris

Circular step sequence slow, but good midline. Overall, the lifts and spin were well done. They both have equally nice expression. Thought they portrayed the characters well and did a good job telling the story. 56.14

Danielle Thomas & Alexander Martin – My Fair Lady 

Twizzles done well. Circular step sequence showed good control and maintained speed from beginning to end. Spin was a bit rough, but they looked confident in their lifts. Unfortunate fall on the midline step sequence. Strong team, but they had a few problems today. 57.07

Rebecca Lustig & Zachary Milestone – Jazzy theme

Good circular step sequence, followed by a fall in transition. Spin was well done. The midline had good spacing between them and nice flow. Slight balance check on the twizzles. They were very into the program and musical. 48.45

Maeve Pasco & Micah Jaffe – Man in the Iron Mask

Their costumes are beautiful and really fit the program. Really nice lifts and spin. Balance check at the end of the midline step sequence and a foot down on the second set of the twizzles affected their overall technical score. A little messy at the very end, but I appreciated how much they believed in the program. 54.73

Madison Fox & Val Katsman – Addams Family

Started well with a nice spin. Twizzles not quite as secure as they need to be. Midline step sequence was smooth. Very pretty position and stretch in their final lift. Choreography is great, but they really need to work on expressing once they feel comfortable. 56.10

Valerie Taillefer & Jason Chan – Waltz theme

Impressive speed and control in the midline step sequence. Strong elements, I especially liked their upside down lift. The only problem I saw was they were a little too far apart on the twizzles. Really nice moments though. Well-deserved score. 66.29

Gwen Sletten & Elliot Verburg – Candy Man 1940’s theme

Smaller team, but they skated with good speed and power. Had a balance check in the twizzles and possibly a foot down. Thought all the other elements were solid and in control. Medaling at both the juvenile and intermediate level, they made a nice transition to novice. 56.20

Eliana Gropman & Ian Somerville – Come Along
 With Me
Circular step sequence was very nice. They skated close and had nice holds. Unfortunately, the program started to get away from them, and they struggled through the remaining elements. They’ll learn something from this event and come out stronger the next time. 44.81