2013 LPIDC Program Notebook – Senior

Short Dance

Group A

Gabriela Morrell-Zucker & Andrejs Sitiks –I Want to be Loved by You
Open with their pattern dance. Twizzles were okay. Fall heading into their step sequence might have thrown them off a bit. Lift clean at the end, but slow overall. 27.13

Elisabeth Paradis & Francois-Xavier Ouellette – Ballroom Blitz/Classic Waltz mix
Good speed and unison in their twizzles. Bouncy pattern dance. Nice transitions in their change of position lift. Good midline step sequence. Finished a second or two after the music. Interesting mix of music and I saw what they trying for. Might need to express the difference between the crazy blitz and classic ballroom a little clearer, though. 43.66

Siobhan Heekin-Canedy & Dmitri Dun – ?
Pattern dance looked strong and confident. Rotational lift was nice and in control. Twizzles were slow, but in unison. Diagonal step sequence was okay. Looked like they were still getting comfortable with the program. 44.27

Ramona Elsener & Florian Roost – Rolling Along/Call me Irresponsible
They started with a nice pattern dance. Twizzles showed good unison and speed. Nice midline step sequence and a solid rotational lift to end. Enjoyed the program, didn’t seem as technically difficult as it could be. 45.30

Laurence Fournier Beaudry & Nikolaj Sorenson – All of Me
Twizzles good and very fast. Little slip during the pattern dance. Stumble towards the end of the midline step sequence. Showing good control in the rotational lift, would like to see a little nicer leg position. 49.80

Carter Jones & Richard Sharpe – Let’s Face the Music/Miss Jones
Pattern dance was bouncy. Trouble grabbing the blade in the first twizzle set, may not get the feature called. Midline step sequence flowed nicely. Lift at the end appeared very slow. 35.36

Angelina Telegina & Otar Japaridze – Burlesque/Fever
Pattern dance looked fine. Loss of control in the second set of twizzles. Diagonal step sequence was okay. Didn’t appear to be much chemistry between them in the program. Might have been concentrating on the elements instead. 42.27

Danielle Gamelin & Alexander Gamelin – Let’s Face the Music
Good job on the circular step sequence. Maintained speed in the straightline lift. Fall on the twizzles will cost them in the technical score. Recovered and were able to complete the pattern dance. 37.73

Lynn Kriengkrairut & Logan Giulietti-Schmitt –
Not able to keep the twizzles in unison. Pattern dance appeared that they may have missed a hand hold, spacing slightly off. Midline slightly off. Nice speed through all the position changes in their straightline lift. 49.47

Cathy Reed & Chris Reed – Putting on the Ritz
Performed the twizzles well, good speed and unison. Pattern dance had nice energy. Diagonal showed good spacing and flowed with the music. Finished strong. 51.70

Alexandra Aldridge & Daniel Eaton – Power of Voodoo/Hey Pachuco
Surprised at how ready they look so early in the season. All their elements were done well and looked very controlled. Solid senior debut. 53.45

Justyna Plutowska & Peter Gerber – Jazz Hot Baby/Fever
Pattern dance was skated fine, but they didn’t show much expression. Twizzles were slightly out of unison. Diagonal step sequence was fine. Cool upside down lift at the end. Overall, they struggled a bit. 46.90

Isabella Cannuscio & Michael Bramante – It Had to be You
First element was the twizzles, done very well. Nice on ice personalities, look like they are having fun. Looked light on their feet in the pattern dance. Strong rotational lift at the end. 47.52

Mirielle Chambers & Brock Jacobs – All That Jazz/Razzle Dazzle
Unfortunate foot down on the second twizzle set. Circular step sequence was very slow. Spacing and timing were off in the pattern dance. Really nice expression, looked like they were having fun. 23.81

Kirsten Nardozzi & Nick Traxler – Singing in the Rain/Good Morning/Make ’em Laugh
Gave me the feeling they were really characters from the movie. Pattern dance appeared to be on the slow side, cautious. Small balance check in the twizzles. Strong rotational lift to end. 38.08

Group B

Melissande Dumas & Simon Proulx-Senecal – Back to Black, Amy Winehouse
Diagonal step sequence and twizzles were well done. Few small problems with the pattern dance. Upside down lift, nice position and it moved well across the ice. Solid elements, may need to work on the transitions to tie the program all together. 41.47

Marieve Cyr & Benjamin Brisebois – Roxy/All That Jazz
Good circular step sequence to start. Interesting transition in the lift. Twizzles didn’t cover much ice and they had a small bobble in the pattern dance section. Lacked energy overall for such high energy music. 40.56

Ginna Hoptman & Pavel Filchenkov – Mr. Pin Striped Suit/Fever
Pattern dance showed a lot of personality. Good mirror twizzles and a solid midline step sequence. Finished the program with the same energy as they started with. Loved this program from them and they looked like they were having fun with it. 46.28

Rachel Kirkland & Matt Kleffman – Too Darn Hot
Twizzles were slightly out of unison. Nice stretch position in the straightline lift. Midline step sequence was okay. Skated the pattern dance cautiously; maybe not comfortable with that element yet. 38.22

Pilar Maekawa & Leonardo Maekawa – Putting on the Ritz
Fall in transition before heading into an okay midline step sequence. Good twizzles. The pattern dance seemed rushed. Rough put down after a nice rotational lift. Program looked a little out of sync overall. 35.46

Nicole Orford & Thomas Williams – Heaven/Fly Me to the Moon
Twizzles were fast and covered a lot of ice. Pattern dance skated with confidence and good speed. He frames her so nicely. Kept speed throughout their lift and all their transitions were well skated. 46.18

Sara Hurtado & Adria Diaz – Boardwalk Empire
Skated the pattern dance with a lot of energy. Twizzles had a balance check and may have lost a feature for the free leg dropping out of position. Circular step sequence was cautious. Nice lift at the end. Program appeared still to be developing. 37.50

Ksenia Ponomaryova & Oleg Altukhov – ?
Elements were all skated well, didn’t have any balance checks or stumbles. Overall, it just didn’t seem to be as technically difficult as the previous teams. May still be working through which elements to use throughout the program. 28.48

Allison Reed & Vasili Rogov – Hit the Road Jack
Good diagonal step sequence to start. Small bobbles in the pattern dance section. A few balance checks during the twizzles. Rotational lift at the end was strong. 37.51

Ekaterina Ryazanova &Ilya Tkachenko – All That Jazz
Good ice coverage and speed on the opening twizzles. Beautiful deep edges in their step sequence. Might have missed a hand hold in the pattern dance, but very bouncy and fun. Nice rotational lift to end. Truly enjoyed watching them skate in person. 51.60

Anastasia Cannuscio & Colin McManus – Putting on the Ritz/Come on get Happy
Twizzles were quick, nice leg position. Pattern dance section looked fun and in theme. Circular step sequence choreographed to play to the judges. Good rotational lift. High energy program. 51.02

Alissandra Aronow & Collin Brubaker – Let’s Face the Music/Unforgettable
Nice long lines in the pattern dance; they use their height well. Midline step sequence was soft and flowing. Twizzles were not in unison, spacing between them was not consistent. Good rotational lift at the end of the program. 40.29

Elicia Reynolds & Stephen Reynolds – Black Magic/Bewitched
Midline step sequence was smooth. Looked like there was too much space between them during the pattern dance. Fall in transition. Mirror twizzles, crossing each other’s path, looked good. Nice split position in the rotational lift. 29.79

Free Dance

Group A

Laurence Fournier Beaudry & Nikolaj Sorensen – In Your Eyes

Lovely entry into the rotational lift. Missed the blade grab on the twizzles, will result in a downgrade. Step sequences and spin were all done well. I like the choreography and how nicely they are relating to each other on the ice. Very pretty program. 69.93

Justyna Plutowska & Peter Gerber – The Artist 

Nice control in the opening lift with multiple changes of position. Circular step sequence was not as secure and a foot down towards the end of the diagonal steps. Twizzles were okay, slightly out of unison. Trouble with a pull through in transition, may count as a fall and caused their spin to be off as well. 64.06

Elisabeth Paradis & Francois-Xavier Ouellette – Godfather (?)

Really interesting body positions in their lifts. Little trouble on one of the final lifts, though. The others were all well done. Twizzles and spin were nice. Good character development within their diagonal step sequence. Skated very light on their feet, nice. 75.12

Alexandra Aldridge & Daniel Eaton – Bollywood 

Nice to see them try something different their first year senior. Twizzles were very fast, nice unison. Both step sequences were done well. Spin looked like they may have slipped going into it, but nice recovery to gain speed and control back. Problem with a lift, think it may have been the choreographic lift. Nice details in the choreography. Well prepared so early in the season. 78.03

Ginna Hoptman & Pasha Filchenkov – Snowstorm

Opened with nice mirror twizzles. Step sequences were slow and the positions in the spin just didn’t seem to work. Music sounded repetitive and the change to a faster tempo came late in the program. They didn’t look comfortable and the choreography didn’t seem to flow. 61.59

Gabriela Morrell-Zucker & Andrejs Sitiks – The Scientist/If I Ruled the World

Started the program with some nice lifts. Circular step sequence lacking some speed, but diagonal was done well. Nice spin and twizzles. Rotational lift towards the end had a rough put down and there was a very long separation between them during the music transition. 52.95

Nicole Orford & Thomas Williams – Love Never Dies

Rough put down on their opening lift. Recovered well with a nice spin and very good twizzles. Circular step sequence looked intricate, strong diagonal step sequence. Miss going into a lift, tried to save it and they both ended up falling hard. Last minute or so of the program was pretty rough after that. Very promising, though. 73.14

Mirielle Chambers & Brock Jacobs – ? (dramatic movie score)

Missed blade grab on first set of twizzles, fall on the second set. A lot of pushing and pulling, tension in their skating. Spin had good speed, but not centered. Fall at the end of the diagonal step sequence. Strong straightline lift in the spiral position. A lot of trouble at the end of the program. 34.29

Marieve Cyr & Benjamin Brisebois – Let it Be/Little Bit of Love

Really nice circular step sequence to start. Lifts were strong and they stayed in character. Second set of twizzles was a little wobbly. Very uplifting program and they have great character development. Entertaining. 74.02

Angelina Telegina & Otar Japardize – Tango

They have nice long lines, look good together. Step sequences were well done, good speed throughout. Good unison in the twizzles. Spin was good, but I thought the positions looked a bit odd. Really nice connection to each other, would like to see more passion going out towards the audience. 76.04

Cathy Reed & Chris Reed – Japanese drums 

Twizzles fast and in unison. Carried good speed through the circular step sequence. Their lifts had some rough put downs. Spin was fine and I thought their transitions were well done. 77.5

Isabella Cannuscio & Michael Bramante – Masquerade Waltz

Nice diagonal step sequence to begin. Maintained good speed in their spin and well centered. Circular step sequence slowed a bit towards the end. Good twizzles, strong lifts. Music changes tempo towards the end and builds nicely. The slower parts need to be skated bigger. 70.94

Pauline Bynum & Jason Deveikis – Save the Last Dance for Me/Quando 

Midline step sequence was slow and timing seemed off in the diagonal. Spin was controlled, but very slow. Unfortunate fall in transition. Seemed like they were still concentrating a lot on the program and not comfortable yet with the choreography. New team, she just passed her Senior Free Dance. 44.37

Danielle Gamelin & Alex Gamelin – Indian style

Big balance check on the second set of twizzles, hand down, may be counted as a fall. Diagonal step sequence was good, little bump into each other at the end. Nice circular step sequence and pretty spin positions. Nice flexibility. Program built and they gained energy towards the end. Well skated. 75.85

Group B

Kristen Nardozzi & Nick Traxler – Les Miserables 

Started with a very nice one-arm rotational lift. Twizzles had a drop of foot position at the end of the set, but I don’t think it touched the ice. Fall at the end of the circular step sequence. Nice flexibility in the combination spin. Slight stumble at the end of the diagonal step sequence. Aborted choreographic lift at the end. Both have such nice smiles throughout the program. 53.27

Elicia Reynolds & Stephen Reynolds – Cats

Excellent, low position in the hydroblade lift. Step sequences were done well. Strong lifts, smooth entries and set downs. Spin lost some speed. Very committed to the Cats characters and carried that through the entire program. 61.26

Lynn Kriengkrairut & Logan Giulletti-Schmitt – Spartacus

Good power and speed in the circular step sequence. Very pretty positions in the spin. Nice lifts, but seemed a bit toned down compared to previous years. Stumble in the diagonal step sequence. Little problems and not much character depth yet, but should be a nice program with more time. 79.41

Allison Reed & Vasili Rogov – Pirates of the Caribbean 

Started with diagonal step sequence that was slow. Strong straightline lift with change of positions into rotational lift. Twizzles had nice unison and spacing. Some trouble with the spin not centered and slowing down. Circular step sequence appeared to be tentative. Good start for them. 61.38

Alissandra Aronow & Collin Brubaker – Love Story

The lifts were very strong and had some lovely positions. Especially liked their hydroblade lift. Circular step sequence had a little bobble and it didn’t cover much ice. Diagonal step sequence was good. Had some nice moments, but really need to work on expressing this style of music. 68.52

Melissande Dumas & Simon Proulx-Senecal – Turn to Stone (?)

Lovely choreography to start. All the elements were smooth and well done. They relate so well to each other on the ice and really drew the audience in to their story. Beautiful program, nice job. 75.55

Rachel Kirkland & Matt Kleffman – Cinema Paradisio

Good twizzles to start the program. Pretty split lift with her balancing on his blades. Spin was well done and both step sequences were solid. They portrayed such tenderness between them. Good program for them and well done. 64.82

Anastasia Cannuscio & Colin McManus – An American in Paris

Cute start and right into character. Able to bring those characters into elements with the diagonal step sequence, as well. Difficulty with their first lift and not able to get into their positions quickly enough. Fast twizzles, nice spacing. Spin was okay, a little off. Second straight line lift won’t be a legal element. They have some work to do, but very promising. 69.97

Sara Hurtado & Adria Diaz – Surviving Picasso

Very crowd pleasing lifts with interesting positions. Other elements were okay, but I found myself just waiting to see what the next lift was going to look like. Very dramatic program. I felt that the lifts got all the attention though and the transitions needed to be brought up to match. 71.59

Ksenyia Ponomaryova & Oleg Altukhov – Folk

Really nice low position in the straight line lift. Twizzles were fast and well done. Step sequences and spin all looked fine to me, done smoothly. They looked like they were enjoying the program and overall, had a very good skate. 59.90

Pilar Maekawa & Leonardo Maekawa – Nightmare before Christmas

Their look (costumes and styling) a bit too severe, but they got right into character. Their elements were all done well and they maintained their characters throughout them. They use their bodies to express, would love to see more in their faces. Finished a little bit behind the music. 60.68

Carter Jones & Richard Sharpe – Tango de Roxanne

Their body lines are great for the Tango, but unfortunately, they had a very rough skate overall. Little stumbles throughout the program kept their marks pretty low. Seemed to have trouble combining the elements with the expression, but it does have nice potential. Just needs more time. 57.69

Ramona Elsener & Florian Roost – Tango de Roxanne

Twizzles had a slight balance check on the second set. Circular step sequence and spin were both done well. Diagonal step sequence had a little stumble towards the end of the element. Looked like they were really thinking their way through the lifts and not a lot of expression yet. Overall, it was a well prepared program. 73.35