2015 JGP Spain #4: Pumped to compete!

Hello again! 

Ellie and I woke up nice and EARLY because it’s competition day!!!

When our alarms went off at 4 am we looked at each other in the dark and made dinosaur-like sounds as we stretched out. Getting ready at that hour makes everything hilarious, and we had a very fun time putting on our makeup while doing some bathroom samba. Logan and I had our 6:15 warm up, and Ellie and Alex had theirs right after. We came back home and crashed.

Our alarms went off at 8:30 am and we simply looked at each other and turned it off. When we finally woke up in a few hours we relaxed and tried not to let ourselves freak out by watching some adorable animal videos. Finally, when it was time to go compete, we were so pumped! We both had great skates, and set personal best short dance scores.  Logan and I are so happy that our technical improved immensely, and we are in 5th, so we will be in the last warm up group with Ellie and Alex who are in 3rd.  This competition is extremely strong as there are so many teams here who have already medaled at a JGP this season, and so many teams who got close.

After eating dinner in the hotel with Logan, Ellie, Alex, Nathan, and Danny, Ellie and I headed up to our room. I will sleep now because of obvious reasons, but I hope tomorrow I will have more to blog about! We’re hoping to explore Logroño more tomorrow!

~ Chloe