2015 JGP Spain Blog #2 – We love Logroño!

Today was a great day!

It began by finding out that breakfast in the hotel was already over, which led us outside into the beautiful city.  Ellie and I walked for a few minutes through the busy streets and came across a cute café. Inside, it was crowded and everyone was speaking Spanish incredibly fast.  Using my extremely limited Spanish skills, I managed to find out what was in the food and ordered. The breakfast was AMAZING!! We will definitely go back there.

Next, we came back to our room and rested before going to do a workout at the gym and then the draw. The rink is so beautiful!  There’s lots of natural light and the temperature was also perfect.

The draw was fun, everyone was in a happy and talkative mood. Logan and I drew 3rd, and Ellie and Alex drew 5th. We took a nice walk back to the hotel to rest again before our practice. I loved the atmosphere in the rink and the ice was great! We took another walk home after through little parks full of children and puppies, which was adorable! It was already dinner time at this point so we ate in the hotel and then went out again to explore some more. Ellie, Alex, Danny (Samohin), and I enjoyed walking around in the less crowded and cool streets while Logan was diligently doing homework.




That was about it! Overall, the first full day here was about perfect!  We love Logroño!