2016 JGP Cup of Mordovia Blog #4

Hi everyone!

Today was the day to get some rest!  Anthony and I slept almost until noon.  It felt so good.  By the time we got up and had breakfast (or lunch-I’m really confused here), it was time to get ready for our afternoon free dance practices.

We really love our free dance and we were ready to go out there and show what we can do. Practice went well.  We stepped off of the ice and went to cheer for our teammates who were competing in the pairs event. We missed Sarah and Joseph, but we’re just in time to watch Nica and Danny’s performance. They skated a good long program and both teams finished in 6th and 7th places. Then, we headed out to my mom’s hotel (because that is where the good food is) and had an amazing dinner. Greg ordered Siberian dumplings – they are just amazing.  I only got a little taste of it, so we definitely have to come back before we leave so I can have some.  We then went back to our room to watch the men on the ISU channel. Eric finished in 7th place and Andrew finished in second place – the first medal at this Junior Grand Prix for Team USA!

I just can’t believe that when I write my blog for you tomorrow, this competition will already be over.

Time to go to bed now, since I am getting up bright and early tomorrow for the free dance warm up and competition.

Good night to you !

Christina ????