2016 JGP Czech Skate Blog #1

Hey! It’s Chloe.

This one will be pretty short because it was mostly a travel day- after flying to Frankfurt and then again to Kraków, I finally crashed the minute we got in the car for the ride to Ostrava. I literally had such a good nap in that drive I was irritated when we arrived at the hotel.

We got our accreditation and little welcome packs and just like the last time we were here we got a nice skate rag. I don’t know if that should excite me as much as it does, but now I have a blue and a grey rag embellished with the Czech skate logo.. Yay!

We arrived to the hotel around 12:45 and none of the other USA skaters had arrived and hardly anyone else in general, so we got our rooms and had tons of time to unpack and basically lay on the bed and try not to fall asleep. I succeeded, Logan did too… Well at least for then. We went to the fitness room in the hotel to do a little workout and after changing we decided to get a snack because still no one was there. We ate on the balcony and got the tiniest meal I have ever seen, probably because we accidentally got an appetizer (see photo below).

After that, we both went downstairs because everyone had finally arrived. It was so great to reunite with all of our friends from different countries- I love that so much about JGPs! We went back to our rooms and I was super happy when Lindsay (Weinstein) walked into our room because we’ve been friends for a while, but never had the chance to room together.

We got ready and eventually decided to head down for dinner with most of Team USA. When we got down and Logan wasn’t there Aleksei explained that he was passed out on the bed, so he had to go back and wake him so he could make dinner! We then had a team meeting and now here I am in my bed while some of the others are at the grocery store- shoutout to Lindsay for getting me some food because I’m too tired to go!

Goodnight from Ostrava, I have to paint my skates now. Bye!