2016 JGP Tallinn Cup Blog #3

16tallinncup-blog-3-1Hello, sorry this blog is late.  I meant to write it last night in bed as usual, but I fell asleep!

Yesterday was short dance day, and we had to wake up very early for 6:45 am practice. I woke up at 4:30 to get ready and we left at 5:30 and had a good practice! When we got back I had a little nap and then got ready to go back to compete. We skated first, and although it still wasn’t our best skate it was better than JGP Czech!

We ended up 4th going into the FD, and we are excited to give everything we have in the free dance and shoot for a medal. After competing, we came back and changed and then I went out with our coach Greg and another coach Douglas Razzano. We explored old town some more and had a delicious lunch at a little Italian place. I have yet to try Estonian cuisine, but I will tonight after free dance!

After that we went to the mall and all had a fun time in Zara and each left with a couple items. Afterwards I went back to my room and rested. I was so exhausted from the early wake up that Camden, Chelsea, Vincent, and Logan literally had to force me to eat dinner. After I talked to my mom on the phone, I went to sleep super early around 8:30 and completely forgot to blog!

That was all that happened on Friday, I’ll make sure to write tonight as well. Thank you for reading!