2016 Lombardia Trophy Blog #2

Milan Adventures

Unfortunately, the draw party, which we were excited for, did not include the dancers. Not only did no other dance teams show up, but there were no sheets with the dance teams listed when we arrived. Although we were upset to find out we weren’t included, we stayed to cheer our fellow teammates on as they drew their skate order. After the draw was over we found out they should have had a dance draw but forgot. Since there were no other teams there, Julia and I drew the start orders for the whole event. We drew third!

Today we decided to take a day trip into Milan since our practice was not until late. Milan is about an hour outside of Bergamo, where we’re staying, and it was definitely worth the trip. We went with no clear plan on what we wanted to do and got lucky at lunch when our waiter mapped out our whole day for us. We started with a walk through the more historic parts and got to see an old castle and beautiful churches. The walk back took us through more of a shopping district where we got to see the modern fashions of Italy.

We headed back to the hotel to get ready for practice, then went to the rink. Tonight was the first practice we had with other teams as well. It was nice to finally skate with our competitors. Julia and I were happy with our skating and are feeling ready to go for the short tomorrow.


Short Dance Day

Today was finally the day we competed. It has been weird to be here so long before competing. Each discipline has already had their short, and ladies and pairs will conclude their events later tonight. Julia and I headed to the rink super early this morning for our 7:15 practice. The shuttles only run once an hour so we had to take an earlier shuttle than we would have usually taken. Overall it was successful, even though I’m not a morning person, by any means.

After practice we headed back to the hotel to eat breakfast, take a short nap, and get ready to head back for the event. We were extremely happy with our short program but a little upset with some levels that we gave away. After the short we’re in fourth place which puts us into the second warmup for tomorrow. We drew fifth and cannot wait to compete the free tomorrow.

We’re off to go cheer on our teammates and then go to dinner. I’ll update tomorrow after free.