2016 Youth Olympics Blog #10 by Chloe Lewis

It was another great day, but I spent it entirely in Hamar!

I woke up and went out for breakfast at a cafe with my parents, Greg, and Logan. It was snowing when the morning began, so it had to be a beautiful day!

After that we had some EXTREME ping pong wars before heading out to watch the team event. Team Desire won, and the US pair team Sarah and Joe were on team Desire so that was really exciting.

After watching the team event, I walked into town with Greg and we went into the mall, where I bought a hat and scarf for 9 USD. Wearing my new accessories we walked through the snow again and through the main square of town. We went to a nice restaurant to just grab some coffee to warm up before heading back for the night. We sang some Les Miserables and Wizard of Oz on our walk back to the hotel, and it ended up being a very enjoyable walk!

When we got back, I had really hilarious running ping pong matches with the Italian skaters- I’m not sure what it’s actually called but it’s where you each hit the ball over once and then run to the other side to hit it again. I ended up on the floor laughing at least 5 times, not exaggerating!  I loved it so much, even though they were teasing me for my wild technique and sounds.

Afterwards, we all went upstairs and there were a ton of people all squeezed in a tiny room for hours. It was really fun to be with all the skaters and speed skaters from so many countries. That’s pretty much how my day went, and we ended up all hanging out for about 6 hours just sitting together.

Now it’s very late in the night and I’m finally going to get a tiny but of sleep so that I have enough energy to have the BEST final day here tomorrow.

Thank you for reading, I’m expecting tomorrow to be incredible and I can’t wait to share.