2016 Youth Olympics Blog #9 by Chloe Lewis

Today was a little bit different from all the other days, as I didn’t actually watch any sports. It wasn’t by choice, I really wanted to watch speed skating, slopestyle, and hockey but I missed all of them :(. It still turned out to be a really nice day spent with my parents, beginning with a nice breakfast at our favorite local place that we refer to as Hogwarts.

After breakfast we walked around and looked in a bunch of lovely Norwegian shops, one of which was a coffee shop combined with a clothing store. It reminded me a lot of Portland; all the little notebooks, the style of clothing, and the extreme passion for coffee and tea. It turns out that some of the people who work in the shop are currently in Portland viewing the best coffee shops there!

After exploring Hamar, we drove up to Lillehammer, where I was planning on spending the rest of my day. Although I couldn’t go to the hockey game because of schedule complications, I just spent a few hours in the heart of Lillehammer with my parents. It was so perfect and charming, and I raced my dad on an ice slide, and did some human bowling. I was pushed on a sled to the bowling pins, but the way the hill was sloped caused me to avoid all of the pins.

We found some really sweet food stands along the main walking street, and one of them was especially great. It was a roasted almond stand, and it was run by a father and son wearing matching sweaters. They were some of the most friendly and happy people that I’ve ever met. That was our last stop in Lillehammer before driving back to Hamar.

When I got back, I did some Learn and Share activities with Logan, and then went to the rec room where we spent the rest of our night playing cards and ping pong with some Italian friends. It was a pretty simple day, but I loved it nonetheless!

The team event is tomorrow, and I’m expecting it to be another incredible day.

~ Chloe