Blog 2: Ice Dance Community Connections

I wanted to start by saying thanks to everyone who has reached out after our first Ice Dance Community Connections blog post. While we continue to be isolated from each other physically, the need to build more connections in our ice dance community becomes even more important. We are all going through this together. 

In the last week, one thing that I have noticed is that coaches and choreographers are offering their skills via online platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and Zoom. I’m planning to build a list of these available options, so email me if you are interested in being on the list.  

The following is the second edition of the Community Connections blog. Our plan is to post each week, so if you are an athlete, coach, choreographer, parent, or anyone in our ice dance community who would like to share your experience, reach out to us on social media or email ([email protected]). If you are a solo dancer, we’d like to hear from you too!

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Tim Dieck, 2020 German national champion, with partner Katharina Müller

Dieck is currently at home in Germany with his family.  

How are you keeping fit during social distancing and with the rinks being closed?
Every day, I am doing my home workout. At the moment, it’s nice weather so I am going outside in the garden. Sometimes, I also go outside for a run or for a bike ride, but of course ALONE.

What activities have you been doing during the downtime?
We are just back in Germany since Thursday [March 19]. Before that, we were still skating normally in Moscow. Since I am back, I tried to organize myself a little with what stuff I can or have to do at home. Of course, the workout plays a big role every day, but I also like to create videos or doing different stuff about music. Right now, I am also thinking daily about new ideas for the next season, like my partner Katja is.

Do you have a message for your fans?
For everyone out there, thank you for all the support we got the last season. It means everything to us❤️. It’s because of you why we always try to find cool new music and programs to show or even inspire you! Stay safe and healthy, please. The figure skating world and everyone else needs you!

Sara Hurtado, two-time Spanish ice dance champion and 2018 Olympian, with partner Kirill Khaliavin

Hurtado is currently in her training town of Moscow, Russia.

What is it like in your community?
Since March 20, all public places like cinemas, sport arenas, museums, etc., are closed.  Also schools and universities, but so far the number of cases are not that many as back home in Spain.  I’ve been at home quarantined for 14 days since I arrived from an infected country on March 9th, and the government made this kind of protocol to control the infection from people coming from abroad.

How are you keeping fit during social distancing and with the rinks being closed?
I try to make a schedule with workouts at home.  You can lose sense of time pretty quickly and by doing this, I keep some kind of routine so my body stays in tone as much as possible, and the change is not as drastic.

What activities have you been doing during the downtime?
I’m taking the spare time to dig deep in my university degree, since normally I don’t have that much time to dedicate to this. Keep building things that will be beneficial for your future, learning something new, improving some other abilities, be creative, and you’ll see there’s no time to be bored!

Do you have a message for your fans?
My message for everyone is to stay positive during this hard time. When you look at the news it can be very scary, but there’s hope in all this, and if we stay together and we REALLY follow what the authorities say, we will win this competition. Taking responsibility of your own actions, understanding the others in danger, and taking care of your loved ones is a good way to come back stronger after this.

Jordan Cowan, On Ice Perspectives

Cowan is currently at home in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.

Where are you and what is it like in your community?
I’m just a few blocks from Times Square. Since Broadway theatres closed over a week ago, things have been relatively quiet. All of the local restaurants have closed, some we fear permanently, although a few still offer take-out.

What activities have you been doing during the downtime?
We still need to get groceries and eventually we’ll need to go to the laundromat, but fortunately, they are each a block away. Until my wife’s dance studio was closed, she walked the 30 blocks there and back and says she wants to continue doing that after the pandemic. In the meantime, we take daily walks down Hudson River Park, and run and exercise in the park by Chelsea Piers Sky Rink. We do our best to keep our distance from others and wash thoroughly when we get back home.

When I get home, I start editing footage for On Ice Perspectives. I’ve been experimenting with live-streaming while I edit. It’s more fun than I thought. I’m also promoting my YouTube and Patreon channels more, as they are better suited to the full-length routines I plan to be posting soon.

Do you have a message for your fans?
I just want to say thank you. I don’t know where I would be right now without an audience supporting what I do. I hope everyone is staying healthy and coping with travel restrictions as best as they can.

Bianka Szijgyarto, figure skating coach

Szijgyarto is currently in Williamsville, New York, which is a suburb of Buffalo.

What is it like in your community? 
Within our community, the people seem calm, at the same time some definitely are keeping to themselves. I’m seeing many taking walks with their family while they can before the statewide New York lockdown begins starting tomorrow evening. I have been isolated for 8 days.

How are you interacting with your students, while practicing social distancing and with the rinks being closed?
We are mainly interacting through group messaging at the moment. My students are following daily practices at their homes, such as combinations of stretching, yoga, conditioning, and dancing. Basically, every skaters’ essentials.

What activities have you been doing during the downtime?
I call my family in Hungary, play with my 3 adorable kitties, clean & organize.

Do you have a message for skaters who are not able to train on the ice at this time?
Take this time to reflect on your skating journey; enjoy this time when there are little distractions to your day-to-day life, and ask your self these few important things:
-Why do I love skating?
-What am I most grateful for that skating is able to provide me with?
-What do I miss the most about skating?
-Where do I want to be in skating once I am able to safely return to the rink?

Most importantly: Just BREATHE. Remember this is only temporary and it will pass.