beiersThis interview is part of the former “Getting to Know..” series interviews. This interview was completed on October 23, 2002.

Beier and Beier finished 5th at the 2003 World Junior Championships. They will be competing as seniors during the 2003/04 season.

A recent win at the JGP event in Beijing China has qualified Christina and William Beier for the Junior Grand Prix Final (in December). Read more about this sibling dance team and their partnership.

Take us through the process when you decided to skate together?
In the year 1990 we travelled from the Phillipines to Germany (Chemnitz). I was 7 and my sister 6 years old. One day we wanted to skate on the ice just for fun, because we never have seen snow or ice before. We enjoyed it very much and coaches from Chemnitz asked us to join the skating club and have practise every day. We were agreed. Two years later our parents made a proposal to do ice dance, because my sister was not a big jump talent and we fit together. So we started to dance together and since 1996 we live in Dortmund.

What are the positive things about skating with your sister? What are the negative things?
The positive things are, that we fit together. Another point is, that we are flexible with our practise- we do not have to call each other. If we want to practise we just go together to practise. We do not really have to share our prizemoneys. Of course we share the money, but we can also spend it for common interests. For example we want to have a new flat. So we spend all our money for a new flat.

There are of course also negative aspects. We often get in struggle because we are together the whole day. We live together and we skate together, that is sometimes not so easy.

What about your long-term goals?
Of course we are not doing this sport just for fun. We hope to be one of the best 5 couples in the world. We also want to skate at Olympics.

What do you think it takes to become a memorable ice dance team?
Technique is not everything. You must have a special style of skating, which the people like. You must present yourself. It’s a very hard and long way to be one of the best. The most important is to keep on hard practising and have skating as one of the biggest priority in the life.